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The collection looks to feature everyone who has played for City since their foundation back at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Alongside facts and figures is a (usually) affectionate synopsis of the player’s footballing life, not just their time at Exeter City.

Inevitably there are many gaps and details of those playing for City in the old days is sometimes sketchy, but here you will find mention of everyone who has ever pulled on the famous red and white striped shirt.

The text has been taken from 'The Exeter City Association Football Club Player Official Biography', compiled and edited by Mike Blackstone (for whom the greatest credit must be given), Shaun Dyer, and Will Barrett.

Many of the photos and updates have been sourced by the meticulous and painstaking work of Paul Farley.

Steve Steniford is a constant help with very rare photos and information.

This is an ever changing resource thanks to the help of all those who have an interest in Exeter City including ex-players, their families, fans, supporters and all our friends across the globe.

If you have any information or images that you would like added to the record, please use the comments section at the bottom of the page, or contact us at:
history group@ecfc.co.uk


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