Uzzell Family Collection - Squad Photographs

The Uzzell family has a collection of squad photographs of Exeter City ranging from the years 1920 to 1972. Predominantly these squad photographs have been reproduced onto postcards.


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jason southway:

I would like to identify Leonard Southway in the 1922-23 season, he is the player sat on the grass in the front row L-R he is the fourth person, this was his only season he played for you it is great to see him in an Exeter kit, it is alo brilliant that you have a profile page on him. Lemmo was definately a character and is well known by the older generations, still at Bristol City, he retired in the early 1970's if you are interested I can supply more details. I see on his profile page you have him in his Bristol City kit, I also have a photo of him in his Aberdare kit. Great web site shame we don't have a similar thing at Bristol City.Best wishes for this season and the future.

Kind regards jason

Paul Farley:

Thank you so much for this, i will see what i can do with the photo.

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