Match 06
Southampton-Home 5th October 1912

Plymouth and District League
Tavistock v City Reserves

Crompton's Fine Game:
Southampton Not Saints

Although the visit of Southampton to St. James's Park is usually regarded as one of the biggest attractions, the crowd at today's match was by far the smallest this season. No doubt the reason for the low attendance was the counter attraction at the other end of the city, where the South African International team, the "Springboks", were playing Devon. Another factor, of course, was the weather, which was cold and windy, with a few showers.Exeter City made two forward changes, Ives being preferred to Garside on the left wing, and Cooper coming in to make his bow in Southern League football at inside-right. Crompton was played at inside-left, Rutter leading the attack. The teams were:
Pym Fort Hurst Rigby Pratt ockett
Whittaker Cooper Rutter Crompton Ives

Referee: Mr W.H.Chase-Sevenoaks 

Andrews Prince Kimpton Taylor Blake Solway Lee Denby 
Ireland Coates Knight
The Game: City 1 Southampton 0.
Judging by the "Saints"" display at St. James's Park, they will have to alter their tactics if they are to improve. On innumerable occasions they were penalised by the referee for over- vigorous play, and one or two of their men came very near to receiving marching orders. Apart from their rough and crude tactics, their football was of decidedly poor quality, and the Southampton team of the last couple of seasons bears no resemblance whatever to the great Southampton sides of the past. It is, in fact, quite ironical that this collection of players still carry the time honoured soubriquet of the "Saints" derived of course from the days when the club was Southampton St. Mary's, for there could be nothing further removed from "saintliness" than the present Southampton Football Club. Exeter won, and deservedly so, but they left it so late that some of the crowd had already left the ground when the goal was at last scored. The City held a territorial advantage most of the time, but many easy chances were squandered, and before the goal was obtained it appeared an impossibility for them to be able to score. Interval: no score.
Second Half.
The City began the second half in more determined mood, and Knight had to save twice from Crompton and once from Pratt. Considerable high feeling had by now crept into the game, and there was one ugly scene when Crompton finally resented the too robust attentions of Denby. The Grecians' captain was also the victim of a bad foul by Ireland, and Crompton's undeniable skill with the appeared at frequent times to upset the visitors. Southampton occasionally broke away, but when they did, their efforts at shooting were feeble in the extreme. Exeter City's goal was scored by Ives, after Knight had pushed out a thunderous shot by Crompton, who played a masterly game throughout. The attendance was a little over 2,000, probably the lowest number ever for a Southern League match at Exeter.

  • It was learned that the Springboks had beaten Devon County by eight points to nil.

Last season: City 2 Southampton 2.
In 1910-11: City o Southampton 0.

PLYMOUTH AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Tavistock v City Reserves, at Tavistock.

Lewis, from Garside's centre, scored for the Reserves after eighteen minutes, and Clarke equalised. Tredigo put Tavistock ahead after some exciting play, but a penalty for "hands" was given against one of the home backs, enabling Brooksbank to score Exeter's second goal. Half-time 2 - 2. Tavistock played much better in the second half, but no more goals were scored.


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