Match 10
26th October 1912

Plymouth and District League
Oreston Rovers (h)

Record Win Away: Remarkable Display
Gillingham Goalkeeper Hurt 


Gillingham O-4 Exeter City

With Gillingham showing poor form at home, the Grecians were more than hopeful of succeeding in Kent this afternoon, following on top of their smart performance against Bristol Rovers during the week.
Exeter City were unchanged, with Nevin continuing at right back and Garside at outside-left. During the week Boden, the Argyle centre-forward, was transferred to Gillingham, and he was therefore making his first appearance for the "Hoppers" today. Also in the Gillingham side was T.H.Lagan, who is a brother of the Exeter City player. The teams were:

GILLINGHAM: Bailey, Mosley Lagan Mahon Bell Johnson Goffin Hakefost Boden Wolstenholme Frost

Referee:- Mr R.Marshall.

CITY: Pym, Hurst Nevin, Lockett Pratt Rigby, Garside Crompton Rutter Cooper Whittaker

Crompton won the toss, and elected to kick down the slope. The crowd was slow coming in, there being about 3,000 present when Gillingham's newly-acquired centre-forward kicked off. There was thin drizzling rain drifting across the field, and the weather was generally dull and miserable. Gillingham attacked from the kick-off, and forced a corner on the left. This was cleared, and Exeter made play through Garside, who, after a fine individual effort slipped across a short sharp centre. Cooper was in position to meet the ball, and in the most casual manner side-footed it into the net, thus putting Exeter one up after four minutes had elapsed. This reverse served to stimulate the Hoppers, for they took play to the City end, but the City defence was in fine form, and Pratt and Hurst between repelled the rush. Pratt then changed the venue with a fine pass, and Crompton obtained possession and worked his way to the right of the goal, where, with fine judgment, he shot. The ball beat Bailey, and struck the goal-post, rebounding into the net. Exeter, with two goals in the first fifteen minutes, were taking full advantage of the wind and rain, which were behind them.

Bailey Injured.
It was turning out to be a disastrous day for Gillingham, for already two goals down and appearing to have very little hope of saving the game, they also had to lament a serious accident to their goalkeeper, Bailey. Ten minutes after Exeter's second goal had been scored, he fell on the ball in an attempt to stop another forward rush, and was accidentally kicked in the face by Rutter, sustaining a broken jaw. He was immediately taken to hospital, and for the remainder of the game Gillingham were a man short. Lagan went in goal, Bell went to full-back, and Wolstenholme dropped back to centre-half.
Garside Scores.
Garside was showing a fine turn of speed on the left, and he, together with Crompton, was leading Mahon and Mosley a rare dance. A promising move between them was spoiled by Garside getting him self offside when things looked rosy, and Exeter were not having quite so much of their own way now, as the Gillingham team was resorting to playing the one-back game. Eventually Whittaker, with fine control, beat his man and put in a centre, close to goal. Lagan made a desperate attempt to field the ball, but failed, and Garside had plenty of time to drive it into the empty net from close range. This occurred with fifteen minutes still required for the interval. Exeter simply monopolised all the play, and the speed at which they moved on a pitch which had now become a morass of churned up mud, was quite astonishing. Two centres in quick succession by Whittaker again saw the home goal in jeopardy, but Nevin relieved the pressure by shooting high over the bar. Lagan had to field a shot from Crompton that came at a fast pace, then Gillingham tried a rally and Bell went through, but his shot was saved by Pym, who had an easy afternoon of it so far. The whistle blew for half-time with the score:
Gillingham 0-3 Exeter City 

In the second half, with the elements in their favour, but of course still a man short, Gillingham had slightly more of the game, but their attacks possessed no menace, and Pym had not much to do. Exeter were still the more dangerous side, and Cooper, getting the ball off Pratt from a free-kick, dribbled round Mosley and cracked in a fierce drive that the substitute goalkeeper had no earthly chance of stopping.
Last season: Gillingham (New Brompton) 4, City 1.
In 1910-11: New Brompton 1, City 0.

Facing a cold wind and driving rain the Gillingham defence was in difficulties from the beginning, and the City took the lead with the game only four minutes old. The goal was simplicity itself, for Bailey dived too late to intercept Garside's ground pass, and Cooper merely had to tap the ball across the line. Eleven minutes later Crompton, who had wandered across to the right wing, snapped up a pass from Pratt, and rounding Lagan he beat Bailey with an angled drive that went into the net off the far upright. Exeter continued in the same vein, and Garside got himself into a fine scoring position to score the third goal. By this time, of course, Gillingham had unluckily been deprived of the services of their goalkeeper. Gillingham were never in the game with a chance, and Exeter's victory by four clear goals is their highest on an away ground since they have been in the Southern League. Their record home win (81) was also registered against Gillingham, then New Brompton, in season 1911-12. The City have now scored no fewer than eleven goals since one was scored against them.


At St. James's Park this afternoon, the City 2nd XI played Orest Rovers in a Plymouth and District League match.

Oreston were short of Elliott, their left-back, and Kingwell, the inside-right, took his position, while Rogers, a reserve, played in the forward line. The City had Hunt, of Topsham, at 
right-back, with Clarke, Arscott, Addicott, and Lewis, other amateurs, in their side.
The turf was heavy and slippery, and drizzling rain affected the attendance, which was below a thousand. Chapman beat Davis with the coin, and chose to defend the Exeter end.
Teams :
RESERVES: Chapman Hunt Morris Clarke Lagan Mullineux Arscott Addicott Lewis Golightly Ives

Referee:- Mr G.W.Perry, of Yeovil.

ORESTON: Santillo Kingwell Woodley A.Ellis Bustin Davis H.Ellis Burridge Whear Rogers Tozer

There was a spell of loose midfield play on the popular side at the start, and when Clarke at last got Arscott going, Exeter's winger plunged the ball over the goal-line. Ellis (A) miskicked for a corner directly afterwards, and from this Mullineux gave Santillo a "pile-driver" to clear, the ball eventually being put over the bar by Hunt. Lewis then missed narrowly with an angled shot, and in no small measure due to Lagan the City continued to monopolise the attack. Play was generally in midfield at this stage, but Ives at last livened matters up, and forcing a corner, dropped the leather in towards the goal in fine style, whereupon Addicott dashed in and rammed the leather into the net for the opening goal.
City Reserves 1-0  Oreston Rovers
Santillo, the Cornish County goalkeeper, was given a rousing cheer as he left the field at half-time, his goalkeeping having been particularly fine. During the interval news of the City's half-time score at Gillingham was sent out from the "Football Express" box, and was greeted with scenes of wild enthusiasm all round the enclosure.

Second Half.
Oreston commenced with a rush, and Rogers scored a palpably offside goal, which was promptly disallowed. The Reserves then took up the attack, and Lewis missed from easy range. Play was much more lively than in the first half, and Lagan drove in a fearsome looking volley just wide. From another Exeter attack Golightly put the ball over the bar, and a fine run and centre by Ives saw Lewis head the ball against the bar, whence it came back into play and was cleared. A stoppage was called owing to one of the Oreston players getting injured, and on the resumption Clarke was fouled. Morris dropped the free-kick nicely into the goalmouth, and Golightly, who had gone outside-right, saw his first-time drive cannon off Kingwell and go behind. The corner was cleared.
Oreston Under Siege.
Arscott netted, but the whistle had already heralded offside. The visiting goal escaped once more by a hairbreadth following a dropping centre by Ives, and Santillo fielded another lightning drive by Hunt. The Oreston goal was literally "under siege", but bearing a charmed life, and the City were having all the play yet unable to add to their score. Darkness was now falling, and a stoppage was called owing to Morris being injured. He was quickly up again, however, and then by way of a change Oreston forced a corner, but the flag kick failed. In the last five minutes, with the light rapidly failing, the City's second goal was scored by Lewis, who followed up a shot by Ives, and rolled the ball slowly over the line, just inside the far post. This score made victory certain, and in the few remaining minutes there was little of interest to be seen, though Ives was often prominent. The full time result of the City at Gillingham was announced just before the finish, and was hailed with wild cheering. Ellis missed an open goal, and Golightly then made a fine run, while a good centre from Addicott went right across the goalmouth. Whear broke through, but was kept off by Clarke, and Chapman saved well from Ellis in the last minute.
City 2, Oreston Rovers nil.


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