Match 34
21st March 1913
Coventry City-Away

Exeter City's Brilliant Win at Coventry.
Good Friday, March 21st.

Exeter City 1 Coventry City 0.

Exeter's brilliant win at Coventry yesterday took them for the time being into fourth place in the table, only one point behind the leaders. This was the Grecians' third victory at Coventry, and though the margin was only one nil, it was richly deserved.

Coventry: Jacques; Thompson, Barnacle; Yates, Feebury, Kimberley;
Parkes, Brown, McCulloch, Smith, Holmes.
Exeter: Pym; Fort, Hurst; Rigby, Bassett, Lockett; Whittaker, Cooper, Rutter, Crompton, Ives.
Referee: Mr T. Robertson.
Attendance: 3,000.

It is generally conceded that the City were really better than the score represents. They were superior, in fact, in all depart ments, and there was a great deal more life about their forward work than about Coventry's. The defence, too, was very sound, and the team lasted better than the "Peeping Toms". The one goal of the game was scored in the first half by Rutter, after Jacques had partially saved. In the second half Coventry were awarded a penalty for hands, but Feebury shot a yard wide. Whittaker, especially, and Ives, were brilliant wingers, and the inside trio, Cooper, Rutter, and Crompton, were also in very good form. Cooper's only fault was that he attempted too many shots from long range. Rigby was prominent throughout, in both defence and attack, and Bassett saw to it that McCulloch, the old Swindon player, was never dangerous. What work came his way Pym did very safely.


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