Match 04
28th September 1907
Friernhay v City Reserve's
Exeter City v 1st Rifle Brigade


Saturday, September 28th,
at St James's Park.

Friendly: Exeter City were defeated by the Rifle Brigade, who are now back from their annual training at Okehampton, by 3 goals to 1.

City: Ancliff; W.Wells, Fenwick; Warner, Oliver, Letheren; Clark, Eveleigh, Mudd, Sellick, Singlehurst.

Brigade: Ogden; Coates, Ashment; Doyle, Creasor, Watkinson; Vansinter, Harris, Pryce, Pickup, Smith.

The Rifle Brigade are as good as any Plymouth League side, and a really fine team. The City need not be disheartened by losing to them by a margin of only two goals, but many chances were wasted by Exeter through sticking to the close passing game.

Friernhay v City Reserves 

The City Reserves beat Friernhay at Marsh Barton by 2 goals to 1.


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