Match 15
14th December 1907
Friernhay v City Reserve's
Exeter City v Millbrook Rangers


City Professional's First Appearance: Game Ends in Fiasco

Saturday, December 14th,
at St James's Park.

RANGERS 1 EXETER CITY O (abandoned).

Great interest centred in Exeter City's Plymouth and District League match today against Millbrook Rangers from the fact that J.Banks, the old West Bromwich Albion and Plymouth Argyle left half, and a professional, made his first appearance for Exeter City. There was some doubt as to whether the registration forms would be back from Headquarters in time to permit of his turning out, but all such doubts were set at rest this morning. To-day, therefore, the City Club appeared on an entirely new basis.

City: W.Wells; Fenwick, Dyer; Letheren, Bastin, Banks; Sellick, Drew, Eveleigh, Massey, Drew.

Rangers: Moore; Downs, T. Bush; Brooking, Cooper, P.Bush; Charleton, Collings, Cundy, Knowles, Purdy.

Referee:- Sergt.,Major Adams.

The game opened in a heavy shower, and the gate suffered to a great extent in consequence. The ground was a sea of mud. The first half ended without a goal being scored. The first, and as things turned out, the only goal came a quarter of an hour after the interval, and was scored by Cundy for the Rangers.

Farcical Ending.
This reverse was most disappointing from the home viewpoint, the City having generally been the superior team. The goal was in fact like a flash in the pan. Five minutes later the game came to a farcical end. Two balls had burst in the preliminary kick-about, and now a third one met with a similar fate. Sgt-Major Adams waited with impatience for the ground officials to bring out another football, but none was forthcoming. The Rangers players, elated over their goal lead, questioned the referee as to how long a wait would be made, and were told "ten minutes." The sergeant-major waited till the ten minutes had expired, and then, evidently considering this "a reasonable time," whistled "no-side."
The Millbrook team immediately left the field, and the crowd, disgusted with the turn of affairs, trooped out of the ground, a new ball having arrived at headquarters meanwhile. It was the most ridiculous farce ever known at the St James's ground, and the management are greatly to blame in their failure to provide for an emergency when two balls burst in the practice kick-out before the start of the game. The Rangers will, no doubt, claim the points, and the matter will have to be settled at a League meeting at Plymouth. Banks gave every promise of proving a fine "general," just the man, in fact, that the City wanted. He will soon effect some big improvements in the side.

Friernhay v City Reserves 

Exeter City Reserves beat Friernhay by 2 goals to 1, at Marsh Barton, in an East Devon Senior League match.


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