Match 30
14th March 1908
Exeter City v Millbrook Rangers
(For 4 points)

Saturday, March 14th.

For the second time this season Millbrook were engaged in a Plymouth League match with Exeter City at St James's Park. On December 14th they met the Grecians, and at threequarter time, with the Rangers leading by a goal, the game came to the most farcical ending imaginable, three balls having been burst and other not forthcoming within what the referee deemed to be "reasonable time."

The League Authorities, under the circumstances, ordered that the match be replayed, and Exeter City offering to bear all the expenses of the replay, it was mutually arranged that the match today should be for the four points. The four points, if won, would place the City in an excellent position on the table, but the issue was a very doubtful one with the Rangers having done exceptionally well this season.

City: W.Wells; Fenwick, E. Wells; Letheren, Mudd, Banks; Sellick, Eveleigh, Massey, Singlehurst, Badcock. Rangers: Moore; Eddy, Down; Brooking, Cooper, T.Bath; Knowles, Farrer, Hopper, P.Bath, Purdy.
Referee: Mr F.G.Hill.

Exeter City did what was expected of them in grand style. In winning the match by 3 goals to nil they secured the four points at stake and advanced to seven place in the League. All Exeter's goals were obtained by Massey.


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