Match 18
5th November 1955
Crystal Palace

And in the Southern League
Exeter City v Cheltenham

8th November 1955
Devon Professional Championship
(Delayed 1954/55 Final)
Exeter City v Torquay United

Saturday, November 5th 1955.

Both the Crystal Palace "hat-trick" specialists, Cooper and Deakin, were in their forward line at Selhurst Park today. Neither side made any changes, and the match commenced in bright sunshine on a dry and grassy pitch. The first shot at goal came from the Palace left back, - who ran on to a short ball from Belcher and cracked it a yard or so over the bar. 

Crystal Palace:- Bailey; Choules, Noakes; Moss, Saunders, Sanders; Brett, Belcher, Deakin, Cooper, Berry.
Exeter City: Hunter; Walton, Mitchell; Davey, Harvey, Murphy; Simpson, Iggleden, Burke, Buckle, Rees.
Referee:- Mr. A. A. Howlett, of Wiltshire.

An heroic defence won Exeter City both points in this game which was quite incredible, heroic defence and a smartly taken goal by 18 years old Graham Rees. The reason that the game was incredible is that the Palace attacked ceaselessly for fully 85 of the 90 minutes. Yet being up against the wonderful City defence who were helped by some feeble shooting they could not score. Star men in the five-star defence were Hunter and Harvey. The match was watched by a crowd of 12,440 people.

Southern League 
Exeter City v Cheltenham 

Exeter City Reserves' youthful side wore their new "Continental" kit at St James's Park today, where Cheltenham were the visitors. The new kit, satin finish, lightweight cut-away jerseys with fashioned sleeves, and fitted shorts, is the gift of the Exmouth and Exeter City Supporters Club. Last week the first team used the new nylon goal-nets presented by the Exmouth fans, and together the new kits and nets have cost about £50.

City Reserves:- Kelly; Foley, Parr; D.Major, Packer, Marsh; Thomas, John, C.Beer, Grinney, Sword.
Cheltenham:- Gourley; Horder, Mitchelson; Hyde, Withers, Dunn; Clelland, Scott, Phillips, Greenock, Knox.

Parr and Marsh threw back an early Cheltenham thrust, and as the play swung upfield John nodded the ball to Beer, but the young amateur was too slow, and Horder cleared. The fast Cheltenham raids often had the City defence in trouble, Parr saving the Exeter goal from falling on many occasions with his deft interceptions and well-timed tackling. Exeter improved after the interval and a great rally 10 minutes from time brought them the winning goal, scored by Sword following a free kick taken by Thomas for a foul by Withers on Beer.
City Reserves 1 Cheltenham 0. Attendance 2,156.



The 1954-55 Devon Cup Final was put off from the end of last season. It might just as well have been put off altogether. For at St James's Park on Tuesday night, under the floodlights, with the rain pouring down and the pitch like a swamp, only 1,366 spectators paid to watch Exeter City draw 2-2 with Torquay United. That means the City will lose money on the competition. To lose money on a competition which was started 30 years ago and carried on with success for some time but which no longer is of much interest to any one. The players receive no medals or plaques; the clubs receive no money, or very little. And injuries to Torquay's Jack Smith and the City's George Hunter in this unimportant match might easily have been more serious and caused them to miss a more important game. But the match was played and drawn, and the two clubs will hold the cup for six months each after a good and often thrilling game played in terrible conditions. Both teams managed to play some good football and the result was fair. Torquay scored first in the 26th minute through Mills. They held the lead until three minutes before half-time. Then in a two minute goal burst the City went ahead. First Rees scored, and then Anderson beat his own goalkeeper, a shot from Burke entering the net off his boot as he lunged across the mud in the goalmouth. Twelve minutes after half time Shaw equalised.

City:- Hunter; Walton, Mitchell; Dunne, Harvey, Murphy; Thomas, John, Burke, Bowkett, Rees.
Torquay:- Kirk; Jack Smith, Anderton; Jones, Northcott, Lloyd; Shaw, R.Collins, Dobbie, Mills, A.Collins.

The gate amounted to £106.11s.0d. 


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