Match 41
10th March 1956
Aldershot (a)

Southern League
Hereford United (a)

Monday March 12th 1956.
Southern League
Llanelli (a)





Keith Thomas, signed from Plymouth Argyle last night, joined his former colleagues, Porteous and Willis, in Exeter City's team at Aldershot to day. The new player, an outside-right, has been with the Argyle for a little over two years. He is 26 years old, was born at Oswestry, and played for Sheffield Wednesday and Cardiff City before coming to Devon.

A game of two halves, Aldershot managed by former City player Harry Evans had the better of the first half, whilst City were better after the interval unfortunately they missed their usual quota of good chances. Exeter were poor before half time and could have been four or five down, they were unlucky when Len Gaynor's 12th minute effort was the only one to beat HunterThe City defence looked unsure of themselves, uncertain in the tackle, innacurate and shakily wide in clearingJohn did not escape criticism, but gets full marks for a vigerous, skilful game at righthalf, he was by far the best City player,

In the second half the defence tightened considerably and the forwards saw much more of the ball, they also saw much more of the Aldershot goal but they could not make the connection between the two Keith Thomas in a not very impressive debut, Houghton, Sword and Willis all missed chances, Gaping goals some of them misses that could not be repeated if the player tried, Even when City were getting the openings they were were not playing well, Aldershot thought quicker and anticipated better while City were waiting to see what would happen. Had City taken a point though, there could have been no complaints.

ALDERSHOT:- Jackman; Jefferson, Jackson; Alison, Reddie, McIlvenny;
Hampson, Gaynor, Lacey, Menzies, Flint.

Hunter; Doyle, Mitchell; John, Harvey, Porteous; K. Thomas, Houghton, Sword, Willis, Rees.

Attendance 5,367,

Southern League 
Exeter City Res. v Hereford 

Playing against Hereford United at St James's Park Exeter City Reserves had almost the look of the first team as it was composed earlier in the season:- City:-Kelly; Walton, Foley; Dunne, Parr, Murphy; Grinney, Iggleden, Burke, Ellaway, Buckle.

Hereford were represented by: Sewell; Layton, Chilvers; Lloyd, Priddy, Mountford; Bowden, Williams, Jarman, Blair, Horton.

The City Reserves won by four goals to one, and after Buckle had given them an early lead Burke went on to score the other three. Horton scored Hereford's goal. There was a bit of bother between Dunne, Mountford, and Horton, the referee having to speak to all three men.

Monday March 12th 1956.

Southern League:- City Reserves 6 Llanelly 1, at Exeter.

Lobbett; Walton, Foley: Dunne, Parr, Murphy; P.Thomas, Iggleden, Burke,
Worthington, Buckle,


Scorers Exeter City Burke 3, Buckle 2, og,

Llanelly 5-0 down at half time, their manager Pat Murphy apologised saying his team were not putting up a very good show, but it was the first time that they had played under floodlights and the dazzle had affected them. 


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