Match 45
31st March 1956
Southampton v Exeter City

And in the Southern League
Cheltenham v Exeter City Reserves

Saturday March 31st
Southampton 5
(Reeves,Day 2,Walker, Bedford)
Exeter City 0.

Half-time Southampton 3 City 0.
At the Dell.
Attendance 9,924.


The smooth slick Southampton side were worth every bit of their five goal vistory, They hardly gave the City defenders a moments rest throughout the 90 minutesThe City forwards were hardly in the picture, No matter how often the Exeter defence cleared the ball, the forwards could not keep possession, they could not blend, they could not make even the slightest impression on the Southampton defence. The City defence were made to look like worried men, little wonder that they lost. Had not Porteous and in the first half John, kept Southampton's inside sen quiet, the defeat would have been heavier, Had not Hunter at fault only once made some fine saves the defeat would have been bigger still and but for the man that never faltered at all, Doyle, the defeat would have been huge, Southampton were four goals to the good at half time. Day twice, Reeves and Bedford scoring, but they were only able to score one further goal, midway through the second half when Walker scored their fifth goal.

Southampton:- Kiernan; Page, Traynor; McGowan, Parker, Elliott; Day, Reeves, Bedford, Walker, Hoskins.

Exeter City:- Hunter; Doyle, Mitchell; John, Davey, Porteous; K. Thomas, Iggleden, Sword, Willis, Buckle.

Southern League
At Cheltenham the City Reserves were beaten by Cheltenham Town by six goals (Phillips 3 Knox 2 Cleland) to one (Dunn through own goal).


Lobbett; WaltonMarshPacker, Harvey, Murphy; Simpson, Worthington, Houghton,
Ellaway, Whiteside.

Scorer Exeter City og. 


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