Match 14
7th October 1959
Crewe Alexandra (h)



(Dale 2)
(Llewellyn Keery Coleman Sutherland).


Jones; Foley, Whitnall; Mitchell, Oliver, Thompson; Stiffle, Micklewright, Calland, Rees, Dale,


KJones; Sutherland, Campbell; Kelly, Wilmot, Warhurst; Coleman, Riley, Llewellyn, Keery, J, Jones,

Exeter City Dale 2,
Crewe Llewellyn, Keery, Coleman, Sutherland,

Attendance 6,340,

Everything went wrong for City and in the last couple of minutes, Mitchell went off with a bad eye injury, Crewe shattered City with two goals in the opening ten minutes and this from a team without an away win this season Llewellyn got the first and Keery the second. Things got worse as the game went on, as City pounded away at a ten man Crewe, Wilmot had retired, but it got no result, City were struggling and the more they did the worse it got. A minute before half time, the bad luck changed and Dale slammed in a goal from 18 yards. This gave City some heart for they tore into their visitors but again they failed to score. Crewe broke away in the 58th minute and Coleman gave Jones no chance. This was a real jolt for City, from here on the game became scrappy but Crewe had not finished and Sutherland scored their fourth goalfollowing a goalmouth scramble, There were only 15 minutes left it looked hopeless for City, but they made a brave effort and were rewarded in the 87th minute when bale scored his second goal of the game,


There was a demonstration at half time in the Exeter City v Crewe game when spectators cheered a man who leapt the barrier and ran round the pitch with a notice painted in the club's red colours saying "We want Frank Broome" As the man got the directors box in the grandstand, he stopped and passed the notice up to former club chairman A,S,Line, People cheered as Mr Line waved and they took up the chant We want Frank, They kept this up until the City manager took his seat for the start of the second half and they then cheered him, There had been shouts of Go home Gillin' and after the game a crowd of about 200 people gathered outside the back of the entrance to the ground and there was a shout of 'Show yourself Gillin. Later the crowd were moved on quietly by police officers. Mr. Line said that the public had shown that they are behind Frank Broome andm yself and if they wanted him to remedy that state of affairs he would be happy to do so as long ash is health would allow him to do soWhen he first approached Mr Broome as chairman, Mr Line promised him a square deal and a free hand if he came to Exeter, however, he now feels he has been interfered with, that is why he protested, Mr Line ended by saying that the board must give the public what they want and not what the board think. After their stylish football and hard luck at Hartlepools it seemed certain that Exeter City would beat a Crewe side which had not won an away match all the season. But everything went wrong for the City, and in the last few minutes skipper Arnold Mitchell had to retire with a bad cut above his left eye. 



After a three hour board meeting, Exeter City have made Mr. A.S.Line vice chairman and heard that Mr Frank Broome had withdrawn his resignation offer, After the meeting the following statement was issued:- "A full meeting of the board was held last night and points of policy were discussed, In the express desire to assist the club and considering Mr Line's other commitments, it was the unaminous wish of the board that Mr Line be offered the post of vice chairman, With all the circumstances in mind, Mr Line expressed his willingness to accept. Mr Broome also signified his willingness to withdraw his resignation offer so that unaminity could be established to restore our position in the League."


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