Match 16
10th October 1962
Lincoln City (a)



The capture of two points from the previously undefeated Oldham team and another one from last week's game with Lincoln, another highly placed team, must have given Exeter City plenty of confidence to face Lincoln on their own ground. This confidence received a fillip ten minutes from the start, when from a perfectly placed free-kick by MacDonald Carter with one of his typical headers put the Grecians in the lead.

Lincoln City:- Carling; Green and Smith; Franks, Jackson, and Linnecor; Moore, Campbell, Punter, Broadbent, and Scanlon.

Exeter City:- Boag; Smyth and MacDonald; Hughes, Anderson, and Sanders; Rees, Rutley, Mitchell, Carter, and Pierce.

Referee:- Mr K. Seddon of Southport.

But Exeter's lead was short-lived, for Linnecor in 17 minutes, and Scanlon in 20 rattled in scoring shots which transferred the lead to the home side. Lincoln's mastery was greater in the second half and two more goals were added. The first was a penalty by Linnecor after Moore had been brought down by MacDonald, and the second a Scanlon "express" from six yards. James Boag, Exeter City's new goalkeeper, who was signed yesterday from Bath City, began confidently, taking a hefty shot from Scanlon with ease and clearing his lines, but from then on until half-time his confidence was lacking, and he owed one or two of his saves to good luck.

In the second half he appeared to have got a better grip of the art of keeping goal and of his nerves, and he showed up very well. He was unfortunate in not having too sound a defence in front of him. Anderson was able to keep Lincoln's goal-snatching leader, Punter, in check for most of the match. But Scanlon and Broadbent found little in Smyth and Hughes to stop their foraging raids. Sanders worked hard for the City, and although MacDonald kept the Lincoln right-wing out of the picture for most of the first half most danger came from this side of the field in the second. It seems to be Lincoln's custom to slacken off when leading, and they did this in this game, but Exeter lacked the skill and the awareness to take advantage of the respite offered them.


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