Match 48
April 10th 1965
Gillingham (away)

Western League,
Bath City (home)

(Burgess og) 

Saturday April 10th 1965 at Gillingham.

A hopeful long range shot by Mitchell, deflected by Burgess into his own goal gave Exeter City two points. It was the shock win of the day, being Gillingham's first home defeat for nearly two years.

The men who hit the goals are the men who mainly hit the headlines. This time it was Arnold Mitchell's turn. For it was his shot which was deflected into the Gillingham net by Burgess which gave City their win. In winning City smashed the Football League record thatt he Kent side had built up with a run of two years and four daysCity's outstanding player was cecil Smyth, who had a classic game, standing out above men of more experience.

Gillingham had most of the play in the first half, but City's defensive cover could not be broken down. When they did get through, they found Peter Shearing in brilliant formIn the second half City gave an excellent team performance, There was nothing half hearted or haphazard about thier game, A complete contrast to the slapdash Reading display three days earlier. Gillingham used possession tactics, but City manager Ellis Stuttard devised a 4-3-3 plan to beat it. The idea was to give maximum cover against Gillingham strikes and the penetrating power of their wing halvesAt the same time to give maximum backing to any City attack with two three man lines. The plan worked perfectly.

Attendance 10,567.

Gillingham:- Simpson; Weston, Hudson;
Arnott, Burgess, Farrall; Pulley, Gibbs, Newman, Rackstraw, Meredith.

Exeter City:- Shearing; Smyth, Patrick;
Mitchell, Harvey, Fulton; Carter, Welsh, Curtis, Anderson, Rees.

Referee:- Mr L. Callaghan of Wales.

(Ley 2, Edmunds, Stuckey)

At St James's Park.

City Reserves:- Barnett; Pope, MacDonald; Hancock, Higgins, Grace; Stuckey, Rice, Ley, Edmunds, Arbury.

Bath City:- King; Mallon, Stone; Book, Hawkins, Spence; Gilligan, Curtis, Fleming, Hudson, Goodwin.


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