Murray, George


Denny, Scotland



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Scottish-born George Murray had two seasons with Exeter City between 1923 and 1925. He joined the club from Reading and later played for Stenhousemuir.

George played as a youngster for Dunipace Juniors of the Stirlingshire League and, after a hugely-successful 1921/22 campaign when the team won every available honour, he moved south to join Reading where he made three league appearances. 

Moving to Exeter City in the summer of 1923, George made his debut for the Grecians in a 1-0 defeat at Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic in September 1923. Enjoying three runs of appearances during his first term, he totalled fourteen league starts before moving into 1924/25 when he played another six Football League games. With the last of these coming at the start of December 1924, George saw out the remainder of the season in the reserves before joining Stenhousemuir later in 1925. 








Andy Murray

This is my Grandfather.

Andy Murray

My Grandfather was the first player ever sent off for Reading, in the Football League, 6th January 1923, playing for Reading, at Exeter City. The Manager of Exeter City joined Reading, around the same period and transferred my Grandfather out, in the summer of 1923 and Grandfather joined Exeter City, where he got sent off. He met my English Grandmother and after a couple of years, took her back to Scotland. Unfortunately after about 25 years, they split up and my Grandmother moved back to Exeter, with my parent.

I was hoping Exeter City would get promoted and Reading relegated, at the end of the 2022 season, so in the same league, a hundred years after my Grandfather got sent off, but due to Derby County, Reading stayed up. I still like to celebrate on the 6th January 2023, either with Reading, or with Exeter City. See what the fixtures are for 2022-23, then decide.

Andy Murray 

Chris Crook

He met my Nan (Gladys) who was a local Exeter girl, they married and she left and went to Scotland with him. They had 3 children including my Mother Emma (but always called Bunty) Tam and George. My mother ultimately returned to Exeter with my Nan in later years, married my Dad Brian Crook, and had six children. My uncle (George Murray's younger son) also called George, is alive and fairly well at 93, living in Perth Australia.

Chris Crook June 2022

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