Match 34
13th February 1991
Bolton Wanderers (a)



With Burnden Park showing the benefit of under soil heating and St James' Park not the two clubs agreed to reverse their fixtures and played the match at Bolton.

Unfortunately City went down again to a goal that owed much to lack of defensive qualities. Scott Hlley put City under pressure with a terrible pass from defence and when it fell to recent signing Mark Patterson he made use of the acres of room he was allowed to cross for David Reeves to score from five yards.

City had probably the better of the possession but failed to have more than one strike on goal, an eighth minute header from Murray Jones to show for it. After thegame high riding Bolton seemed to be unable to get their game flowing but it was not until the last quarter of an hour that City had a shot. The best of those was from Gary Marshall in the last minute. His effort from the edge of the bar cleared the crossbar by inches, but being honest it was a clear shooting opportunity and he should have hit the target.

Terry Cooper when asked about the plusses from the game said "Just two words - Jonathan Brown". Certainly the enthusiastic flame haired Yorkshireman was again a revelation, this time in the unfamiliar position of left back. Captain Shaun Taylor performed to somewhere near his best as he kept Tony Phillskirk quiet, Kevin Miller produced a couple of excellent saves to maintain his growing reputation and Jim McNichol got better as his comeback match progressed. Apart from that not much to cheer about



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