Match 01
11th August 2007
Altrincham (away)

Altrincham 11/8/07

W 4-1

Attendance: 1318

One month and a day after pre-season started, our 'first' season in the newly renamed 'Blue Square Premier' began. We took 2 buses, seemingly losing the other 65 that we took to that place with the arch! Travelling up the M5 we saw a broken down double-decker bus in a field on the southbound side. We did wonder if it was one of the ones that broke down on the way home.

We reached the ground without problem thanks to the navigational skills of the Altrincham supporter who travelled with us to the match. Once off the bus most people headed for the nearest pub, where Marge took a liking to the flowers. Sadly for her, Mark 'let's get a present for Marge' Taylor, was drinking in the Altrincham social club so the flowers stayed put. After sampling the delights of the nearby 'Barneys' chip shop the gates opened. I take great pleasure in announcing that super supporter John Lee was the first Exeter City supporter through the turnstile this season!!!

For some reason at Altrincham the home team warms up in front of the away fans. Their goalkeeper took great pleasure in reminding me of our misfortune at that place with the arch and insisted that they were going to win. For some time it seemed his prediction would come true. The first half was frustrating for the hundreds of City supporters watching in the glorious sunshine. We'd seen Andy Taylor leave the pitch injured after less than 10 minutes, and then go 1-0 down some 20 minutes later. Although the loss of Andy was incredibly disappointing it provided an opportunity for two young City players. Liam Sercombe was brought on as a substitute, and the captains' armband was passed onto George Friend. The Altrincham supporters appeared to have spent the entire summer creating songs about Boston United. Their best creation was the simplest, namely "We're only here cos of Boston", although with "We're only here cos of Morecombe" we had the perfect comeback.

Half time was mainly spent reassuring each other that we would play better in the second half, and we sure did! We equalised with a scrappy goal from Matt Taylor, which appeared to be scored by every player depending on who you asked. The second goal saw Richard Logan taking heed of the many "jump Logan" chants by scoring from a header. This achievement was noted in the form of a new song, "Lo lo, lo lo, lo lo, lo lo, lo lo, lo lo, Richard Logan", sung to the tune of 'No Limit' by N-Trance if anyone fancies singing it on the terraces! Two goals in quick succession by Elam and Basham in the dying minutes led to jubilant scenes amongst the travelling supporters. Due to a combination of the heat, alcohol and general shock, many supporters weren't sure what the score was or who had scored, but carried on celebrating regardless!

When we reached Strensham services, which had sold out of ice-creams, we had to fight our way through the hordes of Swansea fans. They were rather merry, getting off their buses drinks in hand. A couple got on our bus, but seemingly disappointed by our lack of interest in them, got off and starting chanting at our bus. As we set off on the final leg of our journey we were nearly witnesses to a strange accident as a hot air balloon narrowly missed landing on the northbound carriage of the M5. I can assure you that this really did happen, and was not a result of heatstroke. It provided a very surreal end to our first away trip, one which will take some beating!


Paul F



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