Match 23
1st December 2007
FA Cup 1st Round
Bury (away)

Bury 1/12/07

F.A. Cup 1st Round L 1-0 (We were robbed)

Attendance: 2725

There were shocking scenes at Stafford services on the way to Bury. We arrived at the same time as the Pertemps Bees Rugby Club and Marge was getting rather friendly with one of them. Our calls to "Put him down Marge" and "What about Bertie?" were met by insistent gesturing to leave her and her new boyfriend alone.

After an obligatory missed turning in Bury we finally pulled up at Gigg Lane ready for second round F.A. Cup tie. In honour of the dog sat in the window of the nearby house we sang "How much is that doggy in the window". Needless to say we got stranger looks than usual. The social club was so full of Grecians a '1 in, 1 out' policy was in operation. For the £1 entrance fee the luckier Grecians received a chair and a sandwich! Walking to the away entrance we spotted everyones favourite Ginsters eating club photographer Cheggers loitering outside. He was probably awaiting a Ginsters delivery!

The major talking point before the game was not whether our inspirational leader Tiz would be present following the recent birth of baby Sam. Instead, it was the news that Di Lee had lived up to her ASBO accreditations and been banned from selling her East Devon Grecian quizzes in the ground. She was informed that the selling of such quizzes was contravening Bury's licensing laws and she must stop immediately. However, seeing that she'd already made £50 illegally she didn't mind! However, to ensure there was no repeat of the unsavoury Northwich incident, the police presence in her area was increased for the remainder of the game.

The City fans were in fine voice, with our chants (including "Have you won the Devon Bowl?") amplified to deafening level by the roof above us. We out sung the Bury fans non existent vocal support with ease. The stewards were stopping all City supporters from taking pictures and I spent the entire match being watched by one for keeping my camera out incase we scored! We looked good for a draw and I honestly thought that we would sneak the win at the end, which we more than deserved.

Sadly it wasn't to be. Their goal in the 79th minute proved to be the only goal, and for once, the better team lost. City had more than matched Bury and they did the hundreds of travelling supporters proud.

Understandably the bus was quiet as we left Bury, but after an hour or so it livened up. A strange noise was coming from the back of the bus which instigated the bus quote of the season, namely "Is someone being molested by a goose back there?" Marge then had an argument with our leader Colin over the lighting situation. Getting up to make the drinks she shouted out that "You can't see sod all with these piddling lights on" leading to chants of "fight, fight, fight" by nearby passengers. Just when fellow passengers thought the day couldn't get any worse, me and my Mum started singing songs from Hairspray. It seemed a good idea at the time!

So with defeat at Bury our quadruple dream came to an end. Sure the F.A. Cup would have looked good in the trophy cabinet, but it's a bit large and we need space for the big one. It's the one all the players dream of lifting aloft. At present it's being held hostage at a rather unpleasant location and must be won back as a matter of trophy security. Without doubt, the Devon Bowl is the one we all want!





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