Match 08
12 September 1970
Crewe Alexandra (h)



Wilson; Crawford, Balson; Morris, Newman, Parker; Rowan, Banks, Gadston, Giles, Corr,
Adams; Lowry, Léigh; Gater, 'Summerhill, Bradshaw, Hince, McHale, Hollett, Morrissey, Wallace,

Exeter Banks 2, Gadston 2, Corr, Giles,
Crewe Wallace, Hallett.

Attendance 4,769,

Exeter City 6, Crewe 2

CREWE looked easy enough meat on paper, but few could have thought Exeter would have dispatched them quite so decisively as they did. The ever-avaricious crowd were calling for seven at the end, and seven it could easily have been. Crewe had to suffer a deluge of attacking in the first few minutes and their defence was not tight enough to keep the storm out. Exeter got three in the first 18 minutes to Crewe's single goal. Then came that inexplicable bad patch again when Exeter's sparkle faded like glass of a champagne left to stand. But in the second half the effervescence returned once more and Crewe were hit by three more goals, again to the single one they could offer in reply. Happily for Exeter, the bad patch did not last long-it came towards the end of the first half. And when Exeter were good, they were very good. Their forwards spread the ball about, they raced and chased, they tricked the defence and they fairly pounced on every chance that came their way, or at least very nearly every chance. Certainly John Newman, making his return to League soccer after a lay off through injury of almost a year, must have been delighted with the bouquet of goals his side presented to him, appropriately enough on this his wedding anniversary. The action started in the third minute. Alan Banks, really looking his best, streaked down the wing from a throw-in and stroked across a ground centre for John Giles to tee the ball up for Barry Rowan to score the first. In the 14th minute John Corr made a tremendous individual run, stumbling twice, but recovering each time before making the final pass for Banks to score. Crewe suddenly threw in a reminder that there were, in fact, two sides in this game by getting a goal Ivan Hollett swapped his centre-forward role for that of a winger. He ran down the right before crossing for Gordon Wallace to score. The move was typical of the Crewe attack which at times certainly looked dangerous. But, of course, Crewe's big problem lay with their defence which all too often was torn apart. In the 18th minute Newman slipped the ball to Corr for another fine run and this time the right-winger slipped it inside his defender for Banks to collect and score. In the 50th minute Newman again had a hand in a goal as he helped out with a corner and fed Joe Gadston with a pass. Gadston's first shot was blocked but his second went straight into the net. Once more Crewe and to kept going their credit they kept throughout this game popped up with a goal, this time Hollett scoring from a Paul Hince free. kick. But Exeter were well on top. and were in no mood to be stopped. A Rowan free kick led to Corr fairly slamming home Exeter's fifth, and again it was a cross from Rowan in the 66th minute that enabled Gadston to control the ball and score with a beautifully placed shot for the sixth.



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