Match 37
11th March 1989
Cambridge U (h);

11th MARCH


And we were lucky to get nil! Without doubt one of the mysteries of the season must be why, having collected twenty-five points out of twenty-seven in the previous nine home games, did we get demolished by an average looking team like Cambridge! Promotion contenders, like Scarborough and err Scarborough, have gone home pointless in this run of home wins dating back to November, yet Cambridge won't get an easier away win all year. In fact, of fifteen away games that Cambridge had played up until this, they had lost ten. There are a number of excuses you could use including;
a) City were missing several key players through varying injuries.
b) Both Richard Young and Richard Dryden were both playing after being signed a few days earlier and were not used to playing with their otherteam memebrs.
One of the good points that came from the game was the fact that Richard Young made an impressive home debut. His powerful running, hustling and bustling was all too often the only resistance that City showed. It is hard to remember a serious Exeter attack and it was Cambridge who took the lead midway through the first half when ex-City player Alan Kimble squared the ball for Chris Leadbetter to thump the visitors in front. The goal had no effect on City and they refused to pose any threat to the Cambridge goal for the remainder of the match. The only enterprising play in the second-half came from Cambridge with Laurie Ryan looking dangerous every time he ran at the City defence. The second goal came when Cambridge broke down the wing beating our offside trap and an excellent cross left John Beck with the easiest of chances to score. The closing minutes belonged to the visitors and Ryan made it three with a good run and shot. So City finished pointless and goalless (for only the second home game this season) and most of the fans left demoralised. There were quite a few supporters who refused to let their side's defeat get in the way of a celebration, and as a result the last five minutes saw 'The Centre of the Cowshed Barmy Army' moshing their way through a mega-energetic rendition of Terry Cooper's Red and White Army. A good laugh, it looked very loyal, but it couldn't disguise the disappointment of watching City so comprehensively beaten.





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