Match 42
27th March 1989
Hereford U (a)


For some reason, Hereford play their bank holiday matches in the evening - possibly because of the big Easter horse-racing in the town. This annoying trait almost certainly affected the Exeter turnout at Edgar Street, but despite the 7.30pm kick off, around 500 made the 127 mile trip into the. wilds of Herefordshire.

They saw a battling display by the lads in the first half, but after the interval Hereford took control. The vital goal came from teenager Alan Lamb, on loan from Nottingham Forest, who chipped neatly over Walter. Terry Cooper claimed after the match that City looked like the home side, but I couldn't see us scoring after that. City lacked any sparkle which they had shown earlier in the match. The events before the interval were quite promising. Hereford keeper Tony Elliott denied Taylor, Langley and Dryden as City took the game to the home side. United admittedly had the best chance of the first half, having netted twenty-eight times during the season, Phil Stant froze in front of goal with only Walter to beat and 'England's number one' collected the ball gratefully.

It was a tremendous vocal display by the City fans present, though a few anti Welsh songs were aired. Someone said "Come on lads, sing up, it is an international". Forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought that an international was between sides Cof different countries, not the same one ! Another shouted "Come on you reds ? More like come on you blacks". Thankfully all of the racist comments and chants were shouted down by the majority in the away end. However, the classic tune of the day came from a somewhat drunken section of the E.C.F.C away support, who won many hearts with a charming burst of "We're Exeter City and we are the best, we're Exeter City so fees off the rest" ! There's not much you can say about that, is there ?


Paul F



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