Match 41
25th February 1992
Football League (Autoglass) Trophy
Peterborough (a)

Peterborough (away)

Regrettably, our planned function at Wembley Conference Centre on May 17th has had to be cancelled, due to the unforseen elimination of City from the Autoglass Trophy. Our battling heroes succumbed to Peterborough's long ball and time wasting tactics, aided and abetted by referee John Martin's unwillingness to take action.

City started well, with Vince Hilaire causing untold troubles down the right wing. However, the familiar inability to finish otherwise promising moves once again led to their downfall. Try as they might, the Grecians failed to put it in the onion bag, and no amount of midfield creativity could rectify this.

Our smallish gathering (607) was deemed insufficient to bother opening the very good away end, so were placed in a side terrace, from where we amused we ourselves by baiting the substitutes and an unfortunate young programme seller, whose every appearance was greeted with massed waving of the somewhat flimsy publications.

Finally, Peterborough produced the breakthrough that City had never looked like achieving, skipper Mick Halsall slotting the ball through Windy's legs after some good approach play. As mentioned above, despite plenty of effort and Vince's midfield promptings, Fred Barber in the 'Boro goal was never even remotely troubled, and the final score of 1-0 was just about fair.


Paul F