9. Other Rooms...

The Old Grandstand has often been described as a rabbit warren, and exploring the rest of the stand shows why.

Delving further into the old stand from the changing rooms you will pass the treatment room (not designed for an injury crisis!) and the tea room, the latter of which saw widespread coverage when Jurgen Klopp was interview here ahead of the 2016 FA Cup clash with Liverpool.

On the opposite side of the corridor is the Referees team room, complete with referees prayer, although the drinks cabinet that used to reside here in the past has now long since gone.

Following on from here is the Exec Club, a membership only club used on matchdays by members for food and drink and social gathering.

All around the room are loads of ECFC and football memorabilia, including, of course, Brazil related items, the latest of which is a Ref’s white spray from 2014 World Cup!

One that also stands out is the sign from above turnstiles at Old Trafford (2005 game). Fans asked where they were going to be put and told into a skip. “Can we have them” was the response and with that United staff went and got a ladder and screwdriver while the coach was waiting to leave.

An alternative version is that they were brought down at the time of the replay in the United team coach.

Photos, balls, trophies and shirts are all around this room, including the ‘squiggly’ shirt on far wall that was voted worst in Britain in a national poll!




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