Hurst, George

Birth Date

12th June 1888


Radcliffe, Lancashire



Biographical Text

George Hurst born in Radcliffe, signed from Walkden Central and played in the Southern League for Exeter City during 1912/13 before retiring. 

A friend of Exeter City goalkeeper John Chapman from schooldays, George was described as being a 'sturdy left-back' of ‘splendid physique, as strong as a bullock and absolutely fearless.’

Starting in attack for Moses Gate Temperance, George switched to a defensive position when he joined for Skelmersdale United for two seasons. Subsequently signing semi-professionally for Chorley of the Lancashire Combination, he moved on to Walkden Central before arriving at Exeter City in the summer of 1912.

George became a regular first team player in the Grecians’ Southern League campaign, making his debut in a 4-0 defeat at West Ham United in September 1912, and was reported to have retired from playing after his one-season stay at St James’ Park.





Mark Iddon


I've been researching George Hurst for a book I'm writing on the people who played for Southport (then known as Southport Central) during World War One and I think I can give you a bit more info about him. You believe he may have retired after playing for Exeter but a couple of news articles I've found suggest he went on to play for Bolton and Southport.

The articles are in the:

Lancashire Evening Post (18/02/1916),

Star Green ‘Un – (04/03/1916)

Liverpool Echo (17/09/1918)

I tried to copy and paste them here but can't do it but if you can give me an email address to send them to I'll forward them over.



Paul Farley

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