Griffiths, Tom

Birth Date

16th April 1888





Biographical Text

Mancunian Tom Griffiths, something of a typical Arthur Chadwick signing, arrived from  Blackburn Rovers in 1910 and played in two Southern League seasons for Exeter City before departing for Clapton Orient.

Also a noted athlete who ran for prizemoney, Tom started his football career with Liverpool Telegraph Messengers before joining Clitheroe Central in Lancashire Combination. He then signed professionally with Blackburn Rovers and featured in the club's Lancashire Combination-winning side. 

Tom signed for Exeter City in the summer of 1910 and made his first team debut in a Southern League fixture against Leyton. He only managed four more appearances that season but, during the following campaign, added a further 17 outings scoring twice.

Moving on to join Clapton Orient for the 1911-12 season he appeared in 12 Football League matches before joining Llanelli in 1914. 

The Western Times of 8 June 1917 published a letter received from Tom Griffiths about the death of former teammate Spencer Bassett whilst serving in France:

"It was shock to learn about poor Spencer. The Huns had been shelling a village, where he was billeted, all day and night. It happened about one in the morning. A shell dropped into Spencer's billet, and you may guess he was not the only one hit. A few of our lot were called out to give a helping hand, and when I got there Spencer had been taken away. His last words were, 'Tell Griffo' (the nick-name Griffiths was always known at Exeter) 'that I have been hit.' Just to think I missed seeing my old pal only a few minutes. . . was loved by all the boys, and was one of the finest fellows that ever stepped in two shoes."







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