Cardiff LFC , Cardiff County and Cardiff City Reserves originally LLanedeyrn LFC
From 2024/25 Gwalia United

Cardiff City, Cardiff LFC, Cardiff County.
(And Cardiff City Reserves.)

The club was founded in 1974 as Llanedeyrn L.F.C. after a local charity match. Llanedeyrn L.F.C. joined the Womens Western League in 1974, being promoted to the 1st division after finishing 2nd division runners-up in their second season. In 1979/80 they had a strong side and before playing Exeter were lying behind only Warminster in the league table, in the semi-finals of the League Cup, and the quarter finals of the Pat Sowden Cup. Llanedeyrn players Karen Jones, Sally Manley, Helen Beer and Michelle Adams are all members of the Welsh squad, and were all selected to play for Wales against N. Ireland. Llanedeyrn have also had a lot of success in 5 a side competitions, reaching - the semi-finals of the Great Britain U 21 5-a- side competition as Welsh representatives two years ago.

In 1981 the name was changed to Cardiff L.F.C., and in 1993 the club linked up with Inter Cardiff F.C. and started playing at the Cardiff Athletic Stadium. In 1997, the connection with Inter Cardiff was terminated and the club changed its name to Cardiff County L.F.C while affiliating with the Cardiff County Council. In 2001 the club began affiliating with the professional men’s club from the same city.

At the beginning of the 2003 season, however, the club severed its connection with its male counterpart when its members voted against the men’s club's proposals and its operations became an independent outfit again.
Although they were allowed to keep use of the Cardiff City name and kit colours, their crest is very different, and no longer uses the famous moniker 'Bluebirds' , 

"On St. David’s Day, we celebrate our Welsh heritage, a name change and the dawn of a new era.

A New Chapter Begins: From Cardiff City Ladies to Gwalia United

As the first light of St. David’s Day dawns on the horizon, we stand on the cusp of a momentous new era. On this day, 1st March 2024, we honour our past as we boldly step into the future: Cardiff City Ladies will evolve into Gwalia United for the 2024/25 season. This transition is not just a change of name but a profound declaration of our evolution, embodying the spirit, resilience, and ambition that has always defined us."
From Gwalia United website:

Head to Head




Southern PL

Gwalia United



Southern PL

Gwalia United


2008 to 2023

31/07/2014 Friendly Cardiff City Away 1-1
12/08/2018 Friendly Cardiff City Away 0-3
16/05/2021 Friendly Cardiff LFC Home 4-3
14/11/2021 WFA Cup 1 Cardiff City LFC Home 3-1
18/09/2022 FAWNL SW Div 1 Cardiff City LFC Away 0-5
05/02/2023 FAWNL SW Div 1 Cardiff City LFC Home 2-0


12/10/2003 League Cardiff City LFC Home 0-5
11/04/2004 League Cardiff City LFC Away 1-6


05/05/2003 League Cardiff City LFC Home 0-2
09/02/2003 League Cardiff City LFC Away 1-4


02/09/2001 League  Cardiff City Reserves Home 11-0
07/10/2001 League  Cardiff City Reserves Away 7-0
11/11/2001 WFA Cup R2 Cardiff City Home 2-1
02/12/2001 PST 2 Cardiff City Reserves Home 6-0


Elmore Eagles v Cardiff City Reserves


29/04/2001 League Cardiff City Reserves Away 4-0
03/09/2000 League Cardiff City Reserves Home  9-0

Elmore Eagles v Cardiif County

08/02/1998 League Cardiff County Home 1-3
19/10/1997 League Cardiff County Away 1-6
23/03/1997 Home SF Cardiff County Home  3-2

Exeter Rangers v Inter Cardiff


09/10/1994 League Inter Cardiff Away 0-3
  League Inter Cardiff Home  


League Cardiff Home 0-1
League Cardiff Away 2-4


27/10/1991 League Cardiff Away 0-8
01/01/1992 League Cardiff Home 2-3


21/10/1990 League Cardiff Away 1-5
28/10/1990 League Cardiff Home 0-6

Exeter LFC v Cardiff LFC


25/10/1987 League Cardiff Home 2-0
01/11/1987 WFA Cup R3 Cardiff Home 2-2
08/11/1987 WFA Cup R3 Replay Cardiff Away 2-1


15/02/1987 Sam's News Cup SF Cardiff Away 2-2
22/02/1987 Sam's News Cup SF R Cardiff Home 2-1
05/04/1987 League Cup SF Cardiff Home 2-1
12/04/1987 League Cardiff Away 1-0
26/04/1987 League Cardiff Home 2-1


26/01/1986 League Cardiff Away 4-0
15/12/1985 League Cardiff Home 0-4
26/01/1986 WLC 1st Rnd Cardiff Away 2-5


28/10/1984 League Cardiff Home 5-2
09/12/1984 League Cardiff Away 1-1
07/04/1985 Cup (League) SF Cardiff Home 1-5
12/05/1985 Pat Sowden Cup F Cardiff Neutral 1-0


20/11/1983 League Cardiff LFC Away 3-2
18/12/1983 Pat Sowden Cup QF Cardiff LFC Home 1-0
12/02/1984 League Cardiff LFC Home 3-2
13/05/1984 League Cup  Final Cardiff LFC Neutral 1-0


19/12/1982 League Cardiff LFC Away P-P
26/03/1983 Western League Cup SF Cardiff LFC Home 4-3
10/04/1983 League Cardiff LFC Away 2-1
17/04/1983 League Cardiff LFC Away 1-2
08/05/1983 Pat Sowden Cup Final Cardiff LFC Neutral 1-2

Exeter LFC v Llanederyn


06/09/1981 League Llanedeyrn Away 0-6
28/02/1982 League Llanedeyrn Home 2-2


26/10/1980 League Llanederyn Home 4-3
01/02/1981 League Llanederyn Away 0-0


24/02/1980 League Llanederyn Away 2-4
16/03/1980 League Llanederyn Home 2-1


10/09/1978 League Llanederyn Away 3-4
11/03/1979 League Llanederyn Home 2-0



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