Bath City

Bath City 

In June, 1920, the first record of any women's team in Bath was formed as simply; "Bath Ladies Football Club". With The Bath Chronicle at the time stating: "Enthusiastic reception of the proposed club, many ladies have shown their wish to join." (British Newspaper Archive) 
 It was suggested by Chairman Mr Hopkins that the colours ought to be the same as the men's; black and white jerseys, with black shorts, black stockings, white rings, and black woolly caps. A year later In 1921, Bath City Ladies played at Old Trafford front of 31,000 to raise money for unemployed ex-servicemen in Manchester. The fixture raised £2,000 for the fund to help returning soldiers from World War 1. On Saturday 28 April 1921, the womens team played Soutjampton Women in front of 12,000 at Bristol.However, in the same year, The Football Association banned women's football because the Association felt the physicality of the game was; “unsuitable for women”. Women's football suffered for decades but it was reintroduced around the mid-century and has since progressed significantly.

The current club were founded in June 2022.

Head to Head


2023 onwards


20/02/2005 League Bath City Home 2-1
27/02/2005 League Bath City Away 6-0


17/03/2002 PS Cup F Bath City Home 4-1
14/04/2002 League  Bath City Away 2-1
05/05/2002 League  Bath City Home 8-0

Elmore Eagles v Bath City

1996 to 2001

13/05/2001 League Bath City Away 0-3
04/03/2001 League Bath City Home  6-0
01/02/1998 League Bath City Away 1-5
12/10/1997 League Bath City Home 1-5
20/04/1997 League Cup F Bath City Neutral 2-1
30/03/1997 League Bath City Away 1-1
22/09/1996 League Bath City Home 1-1

Exeter LFC v Bath 

23/09/1979 League Bath Home 1-1
17/02/1980 League Bath Away 0-0



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