CableTel Newport (Later Bristol Rovers WFC & Bristol C)

Cabeltel (Newport) LFC  & Bristol (Rovers and City)

Bristol Rovers W.F.C had a successful women's team, formed in 1998  following a merger with Cable-Tel L.F.C. This merger came about as Bristol Rovers only had girls teams up to the under 16 age group level, so when girls reached the age of 16 they were forced to leave the club. The merger with Cable-Tel meant that Bristol Rovers had a senior squad.

The club's name was changed to Bristol Academy W.F.C. in 2005 to reflect the increased investment from the Bristol Academy of Sport.

In 2016, Bristol Academy were re-branded as Bristol City following a sponsorship arrangement with Rovers' local rivals.

In 2019 it was announced that Rovers were to reform their women's team. They have fielded two teams in the Gloucestershire County Women's Football League since the 2019–20 season.

The relaunched Bristol Rovers Women's FC was founded by Matthew Davies and Nathan Hallett-Young. The first team currently play in Division One with a development team playing in Division Two.

"Bristol Rovers Women's (Aka the 'Gas Girls') is an English Women's Football Club situated in the north of Bristol. The club re-launched in the spring of 2019 by Bristol Rovers Community Trust with it's main focus on community, education, participation and performance.

The former club was founded in the 1980's and enjoyed success in the regional leagues and a run to the semi-final of the FA Cup in 2001, losing to eventual winners Arsenal. In 2005 the club became know as Bristol Academy WFC.
from Bristol Rovers

Head to Head


Elmore Eagles v Bristol WFC 


25/02/2001 League Bristol Home  3-0
25/02/2001 League Bristol Away 1-1

  • The league records show these games were played on the same day.


19/03/2000 League Bristol  Home 2-0
14/11/1999 League Bristol  Away 0-1


07/02/1999 League Bristol  Away 1-3
11/10/1998 League Bristol Home 3-2

  • Cabletel and Bristol WFC merged in 1998.

Elmore Eagles v Bristol City 


22/02/1998 League Bristol C Away 1-1
14/09/1997 League Bristol C Home 6-0

Elmore Eagles v CabelTel 


21/12/1997 League Cabletel Newport Away 1-2
26/10/1997 League Cabletel Newport Home 0-1

Elmore Eagles v CableTel 


23/02/1997 PST R3 CableTel Newport Home 4-2
29/09/1996 WFAC R1 CableTel Newport Home 0-4




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