Keynsham Town and Keynsham Development

Keynsham Town and Keynsham Development 

The club was formed under the name Super Strikers Girls in 1993, as an U-11 six-a-side team, by pupils of Chandag Junior School. Over the next four years they were renamed Protel Super Strikers.

In 1998 the club linked up with Keynsham Town F.C., became Keynsham Town Ladies, and entered a senior team in the South West Women's Football League Division Two.

The team progressed through the league, winning promotion to Division One (South) in 1998–99, to the Premier Division in 2001–02, to the South West Combination Women's league in 2003–04 having won the Premier Division title, and eventually to the FA Women's Premier League Southern Division in 2005–06, having won the South West Combination Women's league.

The Main stand at the Crown Field.

Head to Head


2023 onwards

2008 to 2023

10/10/2010 QF1 Keynsham Home 1-2
13/11/2011 QF3 Keynsham Home 4-0
23/09/2012 League Keynsham Town Away 0-4
28/10/2012 League Keynsham Development LFC Home 3-0
17/02/2013 League Keynsham Town Away 2-5
07/04/2013 League Cup Keynsham Town Home 0-1
08/05/2013 League Keynsham Development LFC Away 3-0
06/10/2013 League Keynsham Development Away 5-2
17/11/2013 League Keynsham Development Home 1-1
13/03/2016 League Keynsham Town LFC Home 1-4
20/03/2016 League Keynsham Town LFC Away 1-4
25/09/2016 League Keynsham Town Away 0-13
02/04/2017 League Keynsham Town Home 0-5
29/10/2017 League Keynsham Town  Home 4-1
23/05/2018 League Keynsham Town  Away 0-3
05/08/2018 Friendly Keynsham Development Home 2-5
23/09/2018 WFA Cup QF2 Keynsham Development Home 8-1
11/11/2018 League Keynsham Development Away 0-3
14/04/2019 League Keynsham LFC Home 3-1
07/11/2021 FAWNL Plate Keynsham LFC Home 3-0
21/08/2022 FAWNL SW Div 1 Keynsham Town Home 7-0
26/02/2023 FAWNL SW Div 1 Keynsham Town Away 3-0

1999 to 2001
Elmore Eagles v Keynsham

24/09/2000 WFA CPR Keynsham Home 6-1
23/01/2000 PS T 1 Keynsham Home 6-1



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