Brazil 2014 The Exhibition " Have you ever played Brazil"

This was a small HLF project, our 2nd following on from the Grecians Voices work, which started the ball rolling on our development of the Supporters Trust aspirations in collecting and sharing the clubs rich and varied History.

This project was specifically about the tour of South America and the Historic game against Brazil.

After asking for help in naming the project the following was taken from a contemporaneous blog written by the project lead Kiera Gould.

I can now announce a name for our exhibition… it will be called ‘Have you ever played Brazil?’ – bringing in the sound of chants from the terraces at St James’ Park and the pride of the fans and supporters of Exeter City who know about the fascinating history of their club. For the name I have to thank Adam Henley as he suggested the name via the Exeter City Supporter’s Trust facebook page – thanks Adam!

I especially love that this chant. It has reached the audience in Brazil via a piece of film made for a Brazilian news item – even if you don’t understand Brazilian Portuguese, watch the film on Youtube and you’re sure to see some familiar sights and hear the fans singing “Have you ever played Brazil?”

The exhibition was launched at St James’ Park in November 2013, and toured different many venues in Exeter during 2014 as we celebrated the centenary of Exeter City’s match against Brazil. The exhibition boards were displayed at Exerer Cathedral and The Forum at Exeter University and a number of other places around the City. It is still at the club and can be seen in the players entrance to the ground.

Have You Ever Played Brazil – Opening Night

On the evening of 28 November, Kiera Gould and Paul Farley were happy to be joined at St James Park by the Lord Mayor of Exeter, club officials, members of the trust and fans (not to mention those of us behind the scenes folk) for the unveiling of the Have You Ever Played Brazil Exhibition.

For the exhibition the Capital One Suite, which forms part of the hospitality arm of St James Park, was adapted into a museum which details the story of Exeter City Football Clubs visit to South America in 1914. Through a mixture of detailed text panels, contemporary images and object cases, containing everything from diary entries and legal documents to the very football used in the game against the fledgling Brazilians, the narrative of Exeter’s remarkable tour was brought to life, allowing visitors to follow the journey made one hundred years ago by the club.


Paul F



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