Exeter City XI vs. Manchester United (FA Cup 3rd Round, 4th January 1969)



Andrew Bainborough

My father, Norman Bainborough,was caretaker of the Bishop Blackall Girls School Annexe(now the City HQ) at the time of the game and was on duty all day as the buildings were used by the BBC Outside Broadcasting Unit for their match day operations.He looked after all the BBC staff serving them tea and coffee all day including Alan Weeks,Match Of The Day commentator , and Matt Busby whom Alan Interviewed for the programme. Dad was able to get Alan's autograph dedicated to my brother and I on seperate pieces of paper but not Busby's which was disappointing at the time!! Dad built up a good friendship with Groundsman Sonny Clark during his time there at the school because he would return all the balls that had ended up in the school playground during the match the following monday morning.

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