ECFC Museum | Museum Display Room

The ECFC Museum Display Room was designed and installed as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded ECFC Museum project in the spring of 2017.

The main function of the room is to house the museum’s collection of tangible artefacts in order to keep them safe for future generations, and to share with visitors to the football club.

Following best practice, as outlined by the Museums Association, this room plays a vital role in the collection, preservation and sharing of the ECFC Museum collections, for the benefit of the public and for education.

The room is available to visit during the week on request via, and can also be explored as part of the ECFC Supporters Trust Stadium Tours, held in advance of each Football League match throughout the season.

The collections in our display cabinets have been donated over time by a number of generous collectors, and are curated by the ECFC Museum staff, through funding from the HLF in collaboration with the University of Exeter.

Furthermore, the curation and preservation of our displays is facilitated by a team of university and club volunteers, who have been liaising with fans, staff, players, and the families of people connected with ECFC both past and present.

Highlights include two footballs brought back to the UK from South America in 1914 by ECFC Hall of Famer Dick Pym, and the Adidas Golden Boot won by Tony Kellow in 1981.

For more detailed information on each of the items on display, and the stories behind them, visit the ECFC Museum section of the online Grecian Archive.




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