Match 06
Millwall v ECFC

City v Mid Rhondda

In their match at Millwall at New Cross this afternoon Exeter City were faced with their stiffest test to be found in the first dozen or so of their Third Division engagements. The Grecians set out from St David's Station this morning in good heart on the long journey to Paddington, and from there journeyed to New Cross in a special omnibus and reached the ground in excellent time.
Heavy rain during the night had made the going soft, and the City players were delighted at the prospect of a comfortable game, even if a strenuous one. The commodious stand was packed early, but the banking filled slowly, as the rain was steadily falling. There were 10 000 spectators present when the teams filed out, and Exeter met with a gratifying reception.

Millwall v ECFC (L 2-0) Attendance: 10,000 at the Den.

Millwall, Lansdale, Fort, Woodley, Voisey, Riddell, McAlpine, Waterall, Moule, Keen, Sutherland, Davis.

Referee Mr E. Tolfree, of Southampton.

Exeter, Pym, Feebery, Coleburne, Mitton, Carrick, Crawshaw, Dockray, Vowles, Wright, Makin, Appleton.

Voisey won the toss for Millwall, but this gave no advantage, as there was neither wind or sun. Exeter made headway right from the outset, Mitton placing the ball between the backs for Wright, who dashed towards goal. Fort, however, saved at the expense of a corner, but Appleton's centre was at fault. Then amid a torrent of cheering Millwall got down on the right and Waterall beat Feebery for speed and swung the leather across, but beyond the reach of the other forwards. Davis, however, forced a corner but Crawshaw got this away. A brief invasion by Exeter was followed by a big thrill, for in a clever forward movement Keen broke clear and had only Pym to beat. The centre forward steered the leather carefully past the City goalkeeper, along the carpet, but it rolled against the far post and went behind for a goal-kick.
Midfield play followed, then Appleton won a grand opening for Makin, who shot hard but too straight,, and Lansdale punched the ball away. Exeter were having their full share of exchanges, and Coleburne won applause for a fine clearance from Keen.
A miskick by Coleburne let Davis through, but Pym saved his shot, but was lucky shortly afterwards when a drive by Moule gave the crossbar a good rattling. Millwall were pilling on pressure at this stage, and, Pym, whose goalmouth was under water, saved from everyone of the home forwards. Voisey, who is not unlike Jimmy Rigby at his best, was putting in a lot of sterling work for the Lions; his play is not spectacular, but all his moves are made so quickly and coolly that one is apt to not recognise his merit. At half time nothing had been scored, but Millwall were a different proposition to the Millwall that came to St James's Park a week ago,
Second half.
The crowd has now increased to 15 000, and in view of a bright first half an intense struggle was anticipated. This was not exactly the case, for play had been in progress for only four minutes when Moule tried a chance shot from thirty yards range, the ball entered Exeter's goal just under the crossbar.
Exeter tried hard to get on terms, but found Millwall just as determined. Vowles gave Wright an opening, but Woodley forced the centre forward off the ball, and a few angry words were exchanged. Exeter pressed again, Makin heading over the bar from Dockray's centre. A header from Carrick went over the bar in another attack, then Dockray beat Fort and passed inside to Vowles, who missed by inches only with a swift surprise shot.
Midway through the second half Millwall scored again. Davis won a corner, and from the flag-kick Voisey headed neatly and truly. Pym jumped and gathered the ball, but before he could secure his footing again he was charged over by Keen, and rolled into the netting with the ball in his hands. Greatly encouraged by this second success the Millwall forwards and halves played sparkling football, and although the City got through a lot of hard work they could make no impression. A brief bout of midfield heading ended with the ball going out to Davis, and from the winger's centre McAlpine shaved the post with a clever shot.
Exeter City were beaten for the first time this season and the defeat is accompanied by the loss of the league leadership.

City Reserves v Mid-Rhondda
Western League 18/09/1920

Exeter City Reserves, who met with such a severe trouncing at Bristol on Wednesday, entertained Mid-Rhondda at St James's Park this afternoon. The weather was dull, with a light breeze.
Reserves:- Chave, Pollard, and Betteridge, Perry, Lakin and Taylor. McIntyre, Green, Hesmondhalgh, Brayshaw and Hetherington.
MIS-Rhondda:- Elliott, Davis and Thomas. Granville, Burke, Harvey, Coleman and Warren.

Mid-Rhondda won the toss and placed the City facing St James's Road. Elliott was treated twice in quick succession with shots from Green and McIntyre, but gathered well. The visitors broke away on the right through Granville, but Pollard cleared his lines.
After 20 minutes Burke obtained possession, and Chave with a long shot. Hesmondhalgh missed an open goal for Exeter.
The visitors made persistent efforts, but Betteridge cleared. McIntyre followed up, but James intercepted, and put the ball in touch. A clever pass by Lakin put McIntyre in possession, and the winger dribbled pass James and Thomas only to see his eventual centre cleared by Small. Lakin was forced to leave the field with a leg injury received in a collision with Small.
Rhondda scored their second goal through Williams, who put in a lofty shot from about 35 yards range. Chave had come too far out of his goal, and the ball bounced over his head and into the net.
Two minutes before half time Hesmondhalgh scored with a pretty shot, well out of Elliot's reach. Lakin played on the left wing in the second half, with Green at centre-half and Heterington at inside-left.
Result: City Reserves 1-2 Mid Rhondda.


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