Match 20
Watford v ECFC

City Reserves v Watford Reserves

Attendance 7000
Last season: Watford 0 City 0.

Saturday, December 17, at
The Hertfordshire County Ground, Cassio Road, Watford.



Supreme confidence was distinctly the order of the day at the West Hertfordshire centre, Fred Pagnam's initial appearance, at centre-forward, being expected to have a tonic effect on the team and also on the "gate."

Watford have been playing good football in midfield all the season, but have badly felt the need of a scoring forward since Hoddinott went to Chelsea.

Watford have scored fewer goals than any other club, with the solitary exception of Reading, in the entire Football League, and their supporters naturally hope that Pagnam, whose transfer from Cardiff City was completed on December 9th, will supply the long felt want, and give an earnest proof of his ability today. Exeter City, however, with Dockray and Graham again available and Fryer in goal, took the field in great heart. The weather at Watford was almost spring-like, and the ground appeared to be in a very fine condition.

White, for the "Hornets," won the toss, and Green started the ball against the sun and light breeze. Gregory cleared Exeter's initial dash, when Dockray's centre came across, and midfield play followed. Pagnam was fed repeatedly, but was too closely watched by Mitton to do any damage. Exeter made headway on each wing but without becoming dangerous.
The teams lined up as follows:-

Johnson Gregory
Toone Strain Carter
Wallington Smith Pagnam White Wilkinson

Referee:- Mr. Pardoe.

Pollard Stewart
Graham Mitton Rigby 

Dockray Congdon J.Green Crompton Newman

Last season, when the City were at Watford, Pym fractured his collar bone, and today Jimmy Green sustained a broken left leg, just above the ankle.

The accident happened just before the interval. Green had got clear of the backs and was advancing on the opposing goal, when Williams rushed out and dived for the ball. The two came together violently, and a crack, which was heard all over the ground, indicated that a limb had been broken. Both players lay motionless. Ambulance men were called, and the Exeter centre-forward and the Watford goalkeeper were attended to amid hushed silence.

Williams, suffering from a head wound and concussion, had to be assisted off the field; Green was carried off on a stretcher. Play was interrupted for ten minutes, and when it was resumed Toone went in goal and Smith to right half. The incident was a painful reminder of last year's cup-tie.

Watford's Emergency Goalkeeper.

Though once or twice guilty of faulty judgment in leaving his charge Toone proved himself an emergency goalkeeper of no little merit. Once he turned over the crossbar a shot that came in from Crompton at point-blank range, and another time he put one of Dockray's "fliers" over the top, and the fact that he remained unbeaten for ten minutes of the first half and the whole second speaks for itself. of the

Notes on the Game.

Exeter were in a winning vein when the tragic accident, which eliminated Jimmy Green and Williams from the contest, occurred. Green was removed to hospital and will be out of football for a couple of months.

Exeter were the more dangerous team, and Crompton was the best forward on the field.

Pagnam, who was watched closely by Mitton, was quite unable to get into his stride, although when he is accustomed to the methods of his new colleagues, and they to his, will doubtless strengthen the Watford attack.


Watford Reserves provided the opposition for the first time, in the match against Exeter City Reserves, for Southern League points, at St James's Park.


MacKechnie and Gaskell;
Siddall, Hookway, and Wilson;
Edge, Hill, Bullock, Williams, Kelland.


Horsman and Slade;
Marshall, Bagshaw, and Bellamy; Hamilton, Short, Shawcroft, A. Gregory, Savage.

Watford won the toss, but this carried no advantage, for in the first minute the Grecians took the lead through Williams, and well they deserved it. Bullock set the ball in motion and swung it out to the wing. The leather was returned to the centre by Edge, and Williams supplied the finishing touch, leaving Cutts beaten to the wide. No Watford player had touched the ball.

Shawcroft led the Watford forwards very well, but the Grecians showed a marked superiority in their combination. Ten minutes from the interval Edge gained possession and effected a brilliant pass to Bullock, who headed the ball into the net.

The City were awarded two penalties in the second half. Hill failed with the first, his shot striking the post, but Bullock netted the second. Yet another penalty was given Exeter in the last minute, from which Bullock easily scored.



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