Match 21
ECFC v Watford

Watford Reserves v City Reserves

Saturday, December 24.

At St James's Park, Exeter.


Last season: City 1 Watford 2.

Grecians Down Again

Watford are always welcome visitors to Exeter. They have had much the same sort of luck in the Football League competition as the Grecians this season, but special interest attached itself to their appearance this afternoon on account of the inclusion of the new centre-forward, Fred Pagnam, recently secured from Cardiff City and who made his debut for Watford last Saturday. On that occasion, however, he was eclipsed by Mitton.

Williams, the Watford goalkeeper, had not sufficiently got over the concussion and head injury suffered last Saturday in the tragic collision with Jimmy Green, and it was decided to promote Cutts, who kept goal for the Hornets Reserves here last week. Exeter made two changes, Bullock taking the centre-forward berth in the absence of J.Green, and A.V.Green playing right-half in the place of Rigby, who has an injured foot.

The teams:-

Stewart Pollard
A.V.Green Mitton Graham
Newman Crompton Bullock Congdon Dockray

Referee:- Mr. Pardoe.

Gregory Johnson
Carter Strain Toone
Wilkinson White Pagnam Smith Wallington

The afternoon was dull yet warm, with a slight breeze, and in losing the toss Exeter suffered no disadvantage.

In the first half minute Bullock took a shooting chance well, but the ball went wide. Exeter over-ran the Watford defence for about five minutes with Newman well in evidence, but no shots were made. The crowd, which numbered about five thousand, was given an early glimpse of the new Watford centre forward when he received the ball from Smith, on the edge of the penalty area. Turning round smartly, Pagnam let fly with his right foot, the ball, aimed at the top right hand corner of Exeter's goal, being diverted round the post by Fryer.


Watford were showing excellent understanding of each other's play, and Toone, who played the latter half of last week's match in goal, was conspicuous for fast and skilful play. After the match had progressed for 25 minutes Congdon created a perfect opening for Bullock, but over-eagerness robbed the City pivot of a goal. He shot hurriedly, and the ball crashed against the crossbar and flew high into the air. It was a spectacular try, and the crowd cheered it, but from the position that Bullock was in, a neat shot to the bottom corner would have been much more effective.

Watford eventually took play to the other end, where a brace of corners fell to them. Fryer punched out the first one, but the next one, driven in by Wilkinson, found Wallington unmarked, and the Watford right-winger netted with a well judged shot that entered the net off the far upright.

Mitton was in his usual reliable form at centre-half, and little was seen of Pagnam. It was Mitton who enabled the City to equalise, for, dribbling through with great skill he flicked the leather out to Dockray, who turned it neatly goal-wards. Cutts appeared to have saved on the line, but the whistle sounded to signal a goal.

The Watford team clustered around the referee, protesting hotly at the decision, and it was fully a minute before the storm fully spent itself.


An injury robbed Exeter of the services of Graham, who had to retire. Two minutes after the commotion over the scoring of the City's goal Watford went ahead for the second time. Fryer saved a shot from Pagnam, but gave a corner, and from Wallington's flag kick Smith headed the ball high up in the rigging, well beyond the reach of Fryer.

Exeter could not grumble about losing their second goal, for Watford had played much the better game, and, in any the case the goal credited to Dockray was a piece of pure luck.

On the other hand the Exeter team was depleted through the injury to Graham, and Crompton had to drop back to left-half. Excitement ran at a high pitch with the City goal under pressure, and a minute before half-time a fine shot by Pagnam was cleared by Fryer.

At the interval the score was:
Exeter City 1 Watford 2.

Second Half.

Exeter started briskly, and for some minute play remained at the Watford end. The visitors then opened out strongly, and the ball was brought up the field with a fine triangular movement, in which Wilkinson, Carter, and White participated. Fryer, however, saved Carter's eventual shot.

With Graham still absent the City switched their team around, Crompton returning to the forward line and Pollard moving up to Graham's place, Stewart remaining the only full-back. White followed up to score Watford's third goal three minutes from the end, Fryer having partially saved from Wilkinson.

Reserves in the Southern League 


There was only a small attendance at Cassio Road, where Watford and Exeter reserve teams were engaged in a Southern League match. Watford gave a trial at outside right to A.Holliman, who has been playing well for Rickmansworth.

Cannon; Slade and Coutanche; Wright, Bagshaw, and Short; Holliman, Hamilton, Barnard, Mummery, and Savage.

Watson; MacKechnie and Gaskell; Brown, Hookway, and Wilson; Edge, Hill, Siddall, Williams, and Kelland.

The opening goal fell to Exeter, Edge scoring with a hot drive following good play by Kelland. Soon afterwards Hamilton equalised with a cross-shot, he being put in possession by Barnard. Savage sent in a straight grounder which Watson completely missed, Watford thus securing the lead. Slade was guilty of a bad foul inside the penalty area, Hill taking the kick successfully to make the score two - all.

At the interval Watford led by 4 - 2, with Mummery and Hamilton scoring for Watford.

following up a partial save by Cannon from Edge, scored a simple

The second half opened in exhillarating fashion, following up a partial save by Cannon from Edge, Siddall scored a simple goal for the City.

After a considerable spell of attacking Brown ran right through the home defence and made the score equal, at four goals all. Bagshaw was hurt and went to out-side left, with Mummery droping back to the middle line.


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