Match 26 |
Northampton Town v ECFC
21. 01.1922

Reserves v Yeovil & Petters

Exeter v Torquay

Grecians Surprise the Cobblers:


Saturday, January 21.

County Cricket Ground,


Last season: Northampton 3 Exeter 3.

Northampton Town have as good a home record as any club in the Southern Division bar Luton. Exeter City, however, set out on the long journey to the Midlands yesterday afternoon to keep their en gagement confident that with ordinary luck they were capable of punching a hole in the Cobblers's ground ticket.

The County Ground at Northampton is one of the finest pieces of football turf in England, but with the frost, snow, sleet, hail, and rain of the past week, allied with the effects of Thursday's League match between the Cobblers and Charlton Athletic, the field had been robbed of its customary green serenity, and the going was very treacherous today.

Watson Williams
Bedford Jobey Tomkins
Pease Hewison Seabrook Lockett Davies

Stewart Gaskell
Crompton Mitton Rigby

Dockray Williams Bullock P.Hill Newman

There were four thousand spectators present when the teams came out, and rain was falling in torrents. The Cobblers straightaway attacked, opening up the game with long swinging passes. The ball went out to Pease, who combined with Hewison to make progress on the right until halted by Crompton. The next move was made on the opposite wing, but Mitton easily disposed of a centre by Davies. The City endeavoured to get away in the same manner, and Newman beat Tomkins, but his centre was kicked away by Jobey before Hill could reach the ball. A good opening was created by Davies, and Lockett, coming in fast, tried a first time shot but lifted the ball high over the bar. Exeter were put under pressure in these stages, but the defence held out, though it was only the agility of Fryer that saved the Grecians following a mis-kick by Stewart.

Exeter Two Up.

The Grecians pulled themselves together, and Newman tormented the home defence with some tricky work on the right wing. Bullock snapped up a pass from Crompton and bored his way through, but put the ball the wrong side of the upright. This, however, encouraged the Grecians, and five minutes later Dockray, cutting in to the centre, cleverly gave them the lead. The cheering had hardly died away when Exeter swept down field in a concerted rush, and Bullock scored a second goal.
The City, with Bullock and Newman in brilliant form, came within an ace of adding to their lead, and the Cobblers were run off their legs in the twenty minutes or so remaining till half-time.

At the interval the score was:

Second Half.

Rigby had been hurt in the closing minutes of the first half, and was unable to resume, Hill accordingly dropping back to take the place of the former Exeter skipper. Northampton re-arranged their forward line, Pease and Seabrook changing places.

Pease a Fine Leader.

The Cobblers began to play desperately, their forwards making ground with clever passing at a faster pace than hitherto. Fryer was soon in action, making splendid saves from Lockett and Pease, and another sharp move was checked by Stewart.

Five minutes after the re-start a well taken corner by Seabrook was met by Lockett, who reduced the Grecians's lead. Pease, who made a fine leader of the home attack, distributed the ball to Davies and Seabrook in the manner born, and the Exeter backs were for a time hard pressed. Pease himself headed the ball against the crossbar from a centre by Davies. However, the City defence did not lose their heads, and stout opposition to the Northampton raids was put up by Fryer, Gaskell, and Stewart, ably assisted by Crompton. Handicapped as they were by Rigby's absence, the City's chances of attacking were much reduced, but for all that, they pressed at times, and Newman cleared the crossbar with a fine swerving shot with Ambridge beaten.

The Return of Rigby.

Northampton continued to carry play into the Exeter territory, and desperate defensive measures were performed by the Grecians. With twenty minutes remaining Rigby returned to the field, and the City team resumed its original formation.

Newman got clean away on the right, and centred to Dockray, who made victory practically certain by scoring the City's third goal, then with the Cobblers attacking strongly Pease made an opening from which Lockett again reduced his side's deficit.

Notes on the Game.

Exeter City's victory under the heavy handicap caused by the absence of Rigby was a very meritorious one. Playing against ten men, the Cobblers forwards came into their own in the second half, and Pease was more effective at centre forward than was Seabrook before the interval. The Grecian defence came out of a severe test with great credit, and Crompton was the finest half - back on the field.

The pertinacity of the City forwards in the opening period was most commendable, and Bullock led the line excellently.


An interesting "friendly" was played at St James's Park between the above named teams, attended by a crowd of 3,000 spectators.

Watson; MacKechnie, Pollard; Brown, Hookway, Wilson; Edge, Siddall, Vowles, Camble, and W.Hill.

Treasure; Day, May; Jones, Abbott, Potter; Nutland, Lay, Hayward, Pilkington, and Bruzas.

The City Reserves won by two goals (Vowles and Siddall, from a penalty) to one (Hayward), all the scoring taking place before the interval.


Saturday, January 28.


It was fortunate for the City that they had not to fulfil a Southern Division match this afternoon, for with several players in bed suffering from influenza, the club would have been sorely handicapped. Late changes were necessary in the eleven selected to do duty in the "friendly" at St James's Park against Torquay, and places were found for Hookway, Siddall, and Camble.

Torquay, who made the journey by char-a-banc, reached the ground just before three o'clock, and made a hurried change. Jones, their new half-back from Plymouth Argyle, made his initial appearance in the side, and Exeter people were particularly glad to see Charlie Pratt, the ex-Grecian player and trainer, at centre-half.

MacKechnie Pollard
Rigby Hookway Brown
Edge Williams Siddall Camble Dockray

Referee:- Mr M.F.Ford.

Jack Townsend Burley Nettleson Burch
Ball Pratt Jones
Davis Drew


It was pouring with rain, and there were barely two thousand present when the teams took the field.

Davis beat Brown with the toss, and Siddall kicked off. From opening onslaught by the Grecians a corner was won by Edge, but his flag-kick was misplaced. After ten minutes' play Davis failed to clear from Camble, and Dockray opened the scoring. The ball was hooked across the face of the Torquay goal by Edge, and Camble scored Exeter's second goal in spectacular fashion. The the Friernhay man dived full length to head it home. The third goal was another header by Camble from Edge's centre.


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