Match 33
ECFC v Norwich City

Norwich Reserves v City Reserves


Saturday, March 11,
at St James's Park.

Attrndance 3000

Last season: City 1 Norwich 1.

Both clubs, Exeter City and Norwich, regarded today's match as a vital affair. The Canaries, this morning, were in the position of having eight "out" matches and six at home remaining on their fixture card, while the Grecians had seven home and five away games yet to play.

Many changes were made for today's match. Norwich City decided to introduce O'Hagan, their new ex-Irish International goalkeeper, in place of Skermer, while Silverthorne, a mid-season capture from the Royal Navy, came in at centre-forward, with Dennison moving to inside right and Booth crossing over. Bertram was omitted.

Exeter had Squires, the new player from Mardy, at right half in place of Rigby, and Congdon for Dockray at outside-left, whilst Bullock stepped down to make room for Kirk at centre-forward, Hill coming into the line again at inside-right.

MacKechnie Stewart
Squires Mitton Crompton
Newman P.Hill Kirk Townsend Congdon

Referee: Mr J.W.Lucas, of London.

Woodhouse Booth Silverthorne Dennison Austin
Wilkinson Martin Bradbrook
Hodge Hope 

The weather was entirely favourable, clear and exhillarating. A liberal layer of sand on top of the clay gave the playing field an unusual appearance, very suggestive of the seaside.

Norwich were first out, and Exeter City followed on their heels. There was a
crowd of about three thousand present when Crompton won the toss, and Norwich kicked off from the far end. Spectators were still coming in steadily. The game had hardly started when the Grecians attacked strongly, and in the first minute Congdon had hard luck with a shot which struck the crossbar.

Kirk's Brilliant Goal.

After fifteen minutes the crowd were aroused to a high pitch of enthusiasm as Kirk, receiving from Hill near the centre field, raced goal-wards with Hope in hot attendance. When within of the twelve yards of the objective Kirk cleverly rounded Hodge, and in a twinkling had put the ball past O'Hagan for a brilliant goal.

The delight of the City players was very plainly expressed, and whole-hearted congratulations were showered upon the new man from Plymouth Argyle.
Dennison and Austin wasted good scoring chances for Norwich, and at half-time Exeter led by:- One Goal to Nil.

Second Half.

Norwich pressed on the restart, and Stewart and MacKechnie were busy dealing with crosses from the wings. The Grecians retaliated, but could find no opening, and midfield play ensued.
Kirk had a bare chance in front of goal, but O'Hagan ran out and cleared with a huge kick that sent the ball over the grandstand. In later exchanges the Norwich custodian turned a drive from Congdon over the bar, and saved a header from Townsend.

Two minutes from the finish Squires cleared a dangerous move by the Norwich right wing, and the ball was quickly transferred from Hill to Kirk, who struck the bottom of the upright with a fierce grounder. Then Newman went through the entire opposition with fine solo effort and netted with a grand shot.


At The Nest, Norwich, in sunny weather. Both teams made changes for this return Southern League match.

Norwich: -
King; Rice, Smith; Whing, Scott, Page; Taylor, Lumley, Hannah, Bertram, and Stoakes.

Watson; Pollard, Gaskell; Brown, Hookway, Wilson; Edge, A.V.Green, Vowles, Camble, and W.Hill. olda

Green scored for the Grecians after fifteen minutes' play, and though Norwich held a territorial advantage they were unable to overcome the stubborn defence of Pollard and Gaskell. After eight minutes' play in the second half Taylor equalised from a penalty.


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