Match 35
ECFC v Reading

City Reserves v Reading Reserves

The Grecians at Seaton

ECFC 0-0 Reading
Attendance: 4000


Saturday, March 25.


Last season: Reading 0 City 1.

In consequence of last week's home defeat by the "Biscuitmen," Exeter City's team was considerably altered for the return game, and changes were made in every line in front of goal. Rigby and Crompton returned to the wing half-back positions, Bullock to the centre-forward berth, and Pollard to right back. Dockray, who had recovered from his thigh injury, made a timely reappearance on the left wing, where he has been sorely missed. Kirk, who has scored in each of the last two games, was at inside right.

The weather before the match was mainly fair, with occasional heavy showers, and the ground looked perfect. The teams lined up as follows, before 4,000 spectators.

Grant Walker
Eggo Hanney Dand
Scott Gardiner Weston Jennings Carr

Referee:- Mr A.E. Caseley, of Wolverhampton.

Dockray Townsend Bullock Kirk Newman
Crompton Mitton Rigby
Stewart Pollard

Crompton won the toss, and Reading were called upon to face a light breeze and the slanting sun in the first half. Reading fielded the same eleven as that which defeated Exeter so easily a week ago, and the crowd assembled in the hope that the Berkshire champions would repeat their victory. But this they utterly failed to do, the result being a goalless draw. Mitton, Pollard, and Stewart defended cleverly for the City, and Reading finished weakly, otherwise the home side must I have won. Many opportunities came their way, but they were not taken advantage of. It is true that Scott, Jennings, and Weston occasionally drove the ball in the right direction, and Dand, who joined the Biscuitmen from Ilford recently, sent in one of the best shots of the day. Gardiner also tried hard once or twice, but all these efforts were dealt with alike by Fryer.

Exeter's best shots of the afternoon were sent in by Newman and Kirk, both of which Crawford did well to save, but the fact stands out boldly that the rear men practically always had the advance guards in the hollow of their hands, as the saying is, beyond one or two occasions referred to.

An Unpleasant Incident. Stewart Sent Off.

In the second half the City conceded a penalty, when Jennings was bowled over by Pollard, and Reading failed with the kick. Exeter were penned in their own "25" during the final quarter of an hour, and there was a disagreeable scene inside the penalty area, when Jennings and Stewart came to loggerheads. Jennings, who had been playing a very robust game, brought the Exeter full back to the ground heavily, and as he lay on the turf Stewart swung his left leg in retaliation. Weston ran up and got hold of Stewart by the neck, and the referee then intervened, the Exeter player being given notice to quit amid the vigorous chorus of protests from his colleagues


The visit of the reserves of Reading to St James's Park in the return Southern League match against Exeter Reserves attracted a mere of spectators, and the "gate" was the smallest of the season. Alf Green, who was playing his last game for the Grecians, acted as captain. A notable absentee from the home ranks was Edge, who had been selected to play for the Southern League XI against the Central League.

City Reserves:- Watson; Squires, Gaskell; Brown, Hookway, Wilson; Kelland, A.V.Green, Vowles, Camble, and W.Hill.

Reading Reserves:-
Cooper; Smith, Sayles; Lockhead, Rose, McGarry; Hepple, Lievesley, Jones, Ritchie, and Springell.

The only goal of the game was scored by Exeter City with five minutes remaining. There was an element of luck about it, for The only goal of the match was scored by Exeter City, with only Hookway kicked the ball forward and Sayles. put it through his own goal.

Grecians at Seaton


An incident probably unique in the annals of Soccer attended the visit to Seaton on Wednesday, March 22nd, of the directors and players of the Exeter City Club.

Following an exhibition game on the Colyford Road ground, in which the Grecians were opposed by a composite team, under the style of Seaton Town, a largely attended dinner took place in Gould's Restaurant, in honour of the visitors. In the course of the evening, a handsome new flag in the City's colours, club's initials and the arms of the City of Exeter, was presented bearing the by Seaton Town to Exeter City, with the hope that it would be flown at St James's Park at all subsequent matches, and would bring good luck to the Club. Exeter won the match by four goals to nil.

Appreciation of Exeter City's Visit.

Mr W.Gould, Chairman of the Seaton Town club, presided at the dinner in Gould's Restaurant, the attendance being one hundred. After the loyal toast Mr H.L.Fort submitted the toast of "The

Visitors," expressing the keen appreciation of the Seaton football public at the action of Exeter City in giving them an exhibition game.

The Chairman said Seaton Town wished to show in tangible form their appreciation of what Exeter City had done for them, and he therefore asked Mr McGahey to accept the gift of a flag, to be flown on match days at St James's Park. Miss M.Gould, daughter of the Chairman, then presented the flag to Mr McGahey, amid hearty applause, followed by musical honours and cheering.

Fostering of Schoolboy Football.

Mr M. J. McGahey, in reply, thanked the Seaton Town Club very kindly and sincerely for their gift, and said it was the duty of all sportsmen to help other sportsmen. He said that the counties of Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall had held a very high place in the Rugby Code for many years, and he saw no reason why, in future, those same counties could not also be pre-eminent in "Soccer." The had plenty of splendid material; it only needed cultivating, and he therefore urged everyone to do their utmost to foster schoolboy football, for in the schoolboys of today lay the future of the game.

The new flag would be flown at Exeter City's next home match, and he felt convinced it would bring the Grecians the good luck which had eluded them so far this season.

Various other speeches were made, and amid much laughter and cheering Mr C.Gould presented to Mr Ellis Crompton, captain of the Exeter City team, a loaf in the shape of a horseshoe, tied with the club colours, and Mr Crompton suitably replied.

The evening closed with a very enjoyable musical programme, and contributions by Mr Harry Kirk (comic songs at the piano and some recitations) were greatly applauded, as also was a comic song by Mr Harry Fryer.


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