Match 36
ECFC v Bristol Rovers

City Reserves v Millwall Reserves

Torquay v Exeter

ECFC v Bristol Rovers (D 2-2)
Scorers: Kirk, Vowles
Attendance: 5000


Saturday, April 1, at St James's Park.


Last season: City 1 Rovers 0.

Rain, sleet, and snow had fallen in Exeter since yesterday, and at mid-day today there were two inches of snow on the playing field of St James's Park.

The City Club, however, announced that their Southern Division match with Bristol Rovers would be played, and the lines which mark out the football pitch were cleared of snow this afternoon before the time fixed for the commencement. Then the snow ceased and April asserted herself. By 2.30 o'clock there was scarcely a spot of snow to be seen the field, although it lingered on in places outside the fence.

The re-union with Bristol Rovers was a notable event, for the City eleven included Ellis Crompton, the ex-Rovers captain, Jazzo Kirk, ex-Bristol City, and Charlie Vowles, a Bristolian.

The City Reserves were due to play at Stapleton Road, Bristol, in a Southern League match, but the snow lay so thick there that the match was put off by telegram, and the reserve players were among the spectators at St James's Park.

Pollard Stewart
Rigby Mitton Crompton
Newman Kirk Bullock Vowles Dockray

Referee:- Mr E.Tolfree, of Southampton.

Norton Liddell Leigh Morgan Walter
Steele Simms Winspear
Haydon Panes

Though they were two goals in arrears at half-time, the City in sharing the points.

The Rovers were the first to settle to the heavy underfoot conditions, and only seven minutes had gone by, when they scored. The burly Leigh went clean through the Exeter defence, and Morgan, from the centre-forward's square pass, was left with the simple task of tapping the ball over the line from three yards' range.

Eighteen minutes had elapsed when, from a throw-in, the ball was middled to Leigh, who, unmarked, took a studied shot at the goal and found the net.

The Exeter forwards occasionally threatened danger, but weak in front of goal, both Dockray and Vowles missing from easy were range. Their marksmanship improved towards the interval, and one of Vowles's typical drives was brilliantly punched over the bar by Thomson.

The Grand Second Half Rally.

The second period had been in progress for about eight minutes when Newman gave to Bullock with an overhead kick, and the ball was headed on to Kirk, who found the net with a beautiful cross-shot. Before long Vowles put the Grecians on level terms with a searing drive which struck the underside of the crossbar and rocketed into the back of the net.

After the change of ends Exeter monopolised the exchanges, and Thomson was the hardest worked man on the field. But for his pluck and stubbornness Exeter must have won the game.

Regrettable Incident : A City Forward Ordered Off.

Wednesday, March 29,
at Plainmoor, Torquay.


A crowd of about two thousand saw Torquay United and Exeter City meet on Wednesday evening in a "friendly" match at Plainmoor, when a strenuous and exciting game ended in a draw of one goal each.

Torquay United
Davis Biddick
Drew Pratt Ball

Burch Burley Frayn Chapman Lincoln

Dockray Townsend Bullock Kirk Newman
Crompton Mitton Rigby
Stewart Pollard
Exeter City

The game had not been in progress very long before Pollard was penalised for hands in the penalty area, and Burch gave Fryer no chance with the spot kick.

Exeter then took up the attack, and a fine shot by Dockray was dealt with in good style by Gartrell. Chapman was tripped up by Pollard just outside the penalty area, but Pratt kicked wide from the free kick.

Play livened up, but not always in the way that the spectators wanted. There was a regrettable scene when Torquay were awarded a free kick, and Kirk, apparently not in agreement with the verdict, deliberately kicked the ball out of the ground, whereupon he was ordered off the field but refused to go.

After some consultation amongst the players and linesmen, Kirk was allowed to remain. At half-time Torquay led by one goal to nil. the flag kick Pollard headed the ball over the bar, after which Shortly after the resumption Drew conceded a corner, and from Kirk was fouled in the penalty area, and he put the Grecians level with the kick.

Kirk became the "butt" of the crowd after the incident in the first half, and whenever the ball came his way, and particularly when he scored from the penalty, a roar of sarcastic applause was heard from all parts of the ground.

Midway through the second half Frayn got away for Torquay, but was unfairly brought down by Stewart near the goal. When the United were awarded the second penalty Burch's shot,

although a hot one, was splendidly saved by Fryer.


This match, "friendly" for the greater part only in name and not de facto, has not done much, if any, good in promoting the interest of soccer in the district, and has therefore failed in its object. The referee, through his action in ordering Kirk off and then reversing his decision, lost much of his prestige among players and spectators. The linesmen were also erratic, and a section of the Torquay crowd delighted in barracking Kirk and the officials. All of this detracted from the interest in the game.


Fine weather favoured this afternoon's match at Exeter between the City Reserves and Millwall Reserves, in connection with the Southern League. The City fielded an "all Devon" half back line.

Watson; Squires, and Gaskell; Saltmer, Hookway, and Wilson; Edge, Brown, Vowles, Camble, and W.Hill.

Lansdale; Regan and Woodley; Terris, Gomm, and Duffus; Hopper, Donoghue, Sayer, Sutherland, and Dempsey.

After twenty five minutes Sutherland scored for Millwall, whose lead was increased by Hopper before the interval.

Camble got a goal for Exeter with a surprise shot a quarter of an hour from the end, but Millwall rallied again, and Sutherland struck the upright with a shot that had Watson beaten all the way. Four minutes from time Sutherland put the issue beyond all doubt with a third goal.

City Reserves 1, Millwall Reserves 3.


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