Match 43
ECFC v Southampton

ECFC 1-0 Southampton
Scorer: Vowles
Attendance: 5,500.

"Saints" defeated in a splendid game.
The spectators were slow in marshalling themselves on the far bank, and the attendance of 3000 ten minutes prior to the start did not promise as big a gate as the critical nature of the match might have led one to anticipate.
The weather was fine and invigoratingly cold. The City again adopted all white, Southampton retaining their red and white by virtue of their seniority. 
Pym's success in the matter of the toss was appalauded by the crowd, which by 3:30 had increased to 5500.

Exeter City:-
Pym. Pollard. Feebery. Rigby. Carrick. Green. Appleton. Makin. Vowles. Hinton. Dockray.

Referee:- Mr J.W. Lucas, of London.

Allen. Turner. Titmuss. Shelley. Campbell. Butt. Brown. Dominy. Rawlings. Moore. Foxall.

The winning goal was scored by Vowles after 20 minutes of the first half had been played. Rigby dispossessed Rawlings, and placed the ball nicely to Appleton, who flicked it into the centre of the field. Turner tried to head the leather clear, but it bounced too high for him and Vowles got away with Turner in pursuit. Allen dashed out, but Exeter's emegency centre-forward had ample time, and with a measured shot flashed the ball into the net. Vowles, who got the goal by which Luton Town were defeated, and the one which sent the Saints home pointless today, has thus made a valuable contribution to the club's effort to get away from the bottom places in the League chart.
It was a splendid game, and a very happy result for the City. These two points mean everything to the club at the present time. Vowles's goal was a highly spectacular affair, and gave the team that extra bit of confidence that is so welcome when fighting a big battle of this sort.
The forwards were playing under difficulties, but Vowles never shirked his work in competition with the towering Campbell, and in the end came out of the ordeal with credit.

Not Yet Safe.

Reading's success at Plymouth, where they forced the Argyle to a division of points, indicates that the Grecians are not yet out of the wood.

Gillingham's fate has been virtually sealed by their defeat at home today, and now there are 4 clubs battling to escape the 21st rung of the ladder.

The Reading v Exeter matches are now of the first importance in solving the relegation riddle.

Southampton's defeat at Exeter relieves the Palace of anxiety, for the leaders drew at Watford, and look like winning the League in a canter.

Top of the Table

1. Crystal Palace.   P 39, For 61 Against 31 Pts.54
2. Southampton.    P 38, For 62 Against 27 Pts.49

And The Bottom

Exeter City.. P 38 F37 A 48 Pts 31
Reading...... P 39 F41 A 56 Pts 29
Brentford.... P 37 F40 A 62 Pts 27
Gillingham..  P 39 F32 A 71 Pts 31.

The Reserves were without a match today.



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