Match 42
26th April 1933
Exeter City v Aldershot

In the Doldrums-No Goals and No Thrills CITY'S DRAB DISPLAY AGAINST ALDERSHOT

Wednesday, April 26th 1933.


In the years immediately succeeding the creation of the Third Div ision of the Football League people were accustomed to witnessing Exeter City teams struggle on, devoid of craft, and usually with scant success. There was a return to those bad old times, in the match with Aldershot at St James's Park on Wednesday evening, when the City could do no better than share the points with the lowly placed Hampshire team. The fact that no goals were scored tells in a nutshell the tale of this drab and almost featureless encounter. Exeter had a very good defence but a very poor and ragged attack.

Exeter City.
Gray Miller
Clarke Angus Barber
Scott Higgins Poulter Houghton Hurst

Referee:- Mr F.W.Reeve, of Devonport.

Fishlock Lane Smithson Thom Proud
Lawson Middleton Gerrard
McDougall Wade

Barber, Angus, and Clarke played their parts heroically. They were half-backs who spared no effort to redeem the shortcomings of the men in front of them. Each of the trio toiled with unremitting and unsparing energy to stem the tide of adversity, and Barber's three good attempts to score nearly won the match for his side. Houghton was the only Exeter forward to shine, but in such company his task at instigating attacks was hopeless.


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