Match 42
21st April 1948
Walsall (h)

Southern League
Dartford (a)

Wednesday, April 21st 1948. 


Scorers Walsall Wilshaw, Lishman, Kelly?. Devlin 2.

Any stranger who looked in at St James Park could have fairly asked, are these teams in the same League?. For Walsall inflicted on Exeter City a 6-0 defeat were in a different class throughout this one sided encounter. Walsall were made to appear a First Division side. To have coupled Exeter Citys name with the 3rd Division would have done an injustice to the competition.

City plummetted to the lowest depths, never have they been seen to play worse, they cantered around the field aimlessly with absolutely no determination what so ever.

Walsall ripped into Exeters slow defence with the freedom of the park available to them. Three goals in each half scored by Wilshaw, Lishman, Kelly, Devlin and Kelly again in that order, equalled Citys worst ever home defeat, against Chelsea shortly before the war. This was an abysmal performance by Exeter, bad positioning, weak tackling, insufficient enterprise and slow thinking, only full backs Johnstone and Rowe toiled pluckily but they were so over run that they could not cope with a Walsall side that literally toyed with Exeter.

Half-time City 0 Walsall 3.

Attendance 6,501, receipts £468. 18s. 3d.

City: Singleton; Johnstone, S.Rowe;
Bartholomew, Davey, Jeffrey; Hutchings, Mackay, Ebdon, Vaughan, Regan.

Walsall:- Lewis; Male, Skidmore; Walters, Foulkes, Newman; Condie, Devlin, Kelly, Lishman, Wilshaw.

Bad positional play, weak tackling, and an absence of any thrust in the forward line characterised Exeter City's worst display of the season, and they were deservedly beaten by six goals to nil on their own ground by Walsall, who possessed all the qualities that the City lacked.

Southern League.

Dartford 0 City Reserves 0.
Played at Dartford, attendance 2,300.

Team:- Hoyle; Warren, Coles; W.Rowe, Walker, P.Fallon; Dymond, Grant, Thompson, Wright, Granville.


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