Match 16
30th October 1948
Swansea Town v ECFC

And in the Southern League
Exeter City Reserves v Guildford

Saturday, October 30th 1948.


Scorers:- Rowe own goal, Richards 2, McCrory, Payne, O'Driscoll.
Half-time 3-0.
Attendance 29,000.

Exeter City have conceded twenty goals in their last three matches away from home and scored only two. Defensive weaknesses which were glaringly apparent at Leyton Orient and Notts County were just as obvious at Swansea, where the Town raced to a runaway triumph. For half an hour the City, though hard pressed, toiled manfully and kept the rampant Swansea attackers at bay. A measure of stability seemed to have returned to the Exeter rearguard, until three goals came in a disastrous five minutes' spell just before the interval.

SWANSEA:- Parry; Feeney, Keane; Paul, Weston, Burns; Payne, McCrory, Richards, Lucas, O'Driscoll.

CITY: Hoyle; Johnstone, Rowe; Fallon, Davey, Walker; Dymond, Evans, Johnston, Mackay, Regan.

The City were unlucky in the first goal, which followed the award of a free kick for hands by Johnstone. The ball was lobbed to O'Driscoll, who pushed his way through committing more than one infringement on the way, before driving sharply into the goalmouth, where Rowe mis kicked and deflected the ball into his own net. The remainder of Swansea's goals were the reward of extra pace and superior football skill. Richards and McCrory netted the second and third goals. Defensive blunders enabled Payne and Richards to score midway through the second half and the last goal, a few minutes from the end, was from a great first-time shot by O'Driscoll.

Southern League

Ronald Rew, an amateur centre-forward of Sea Mills, Bristol, led the City Reserves' attack at St James's Park today, and scored the first goal. Exeter's other goal was obtained by Harrower.

Team:- Singleton; Warren, Clark; Powell, Cutting, Jeffery; Hutchings, Harrower, R.E.Rew, Grant, O'Hagan.



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