Match 30
4th February 1950
Ipswich Town v ECFC

And in the Southern League
Exeter City Reserves v Barry Town



Saturday, February 4th 1950
Ipswich Town 1-0 ECFC
Attendance: 11431

It seems that Exeter City get more than their share of bad luck this season. A double misfortune at Ipswich probably made the difference between defeat and victory, for it led to the loss of a player, and the concession of the only goal through a wrong decision on the part of the referee. Misfortune Number One happened 15 minutes after the start. Regan made swift tracks for goal after receiving a pass in midfield. A defender matched stride for stride, managed to get in his tackle at the end of a 40 yards' run and the ball went behind for a corner. Regan, apparently unhurt, picked himself up and placed the ball for a corner. He was about to take the flag kick when he fell. Mr Gallagher was called, and escorted Regan to the dressing-room. There the player was examined by his trainer and the Ipswich club doctor. Cartilage displacement was feared, but there was no proof, and the victim was taken to hospital where a specialist diagnosed a strained tendon of the thigh.


This occurred in the 39th minute. Ipswich attacked on the left wing, and Driver had run past Hutchings. Then, noting Johnstone coming out towards him he attempted to centre but slipped and the ball left his foot and slithered over the goal-line. The referee made the mistake of awarding a corner to Ipswich instead of a goal kick to Exeter, and O'Brien's flag kick was headed into the City net by Gibbons. Just the same, it cannot be said that Exeter deserved to win. After the thrilling cup-tie at Anfield, where the City really showed their class, this was only a moderate game, and Exeter lapsed into the old irritating habit of waiting for the bounce, and in so doing they aided the slow-moving Ipswich defenders.

Ipswich:- T.Brown; Green, Mitchell; Baird, Bell, T. Parker; J.Brown, Jennings, Gibbons, Driver, O'Brien.
Exeter City:- Singleton; Johnstone, Clark; Fallon, Goddard, Davey; Hutchings, Smart, Walker, Greenwood, Regan.

Southern League 
City Reserves 4 (McClelland 3, Smith)
Barry Town 2.


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