Match 31
31st January 1953
Colchester United (a)

Southern League.
Kidderminster Harriers (h)


Colchester Win 3-1 To Square


Wright (G.);
Harrison, Stewart,
Rookes: Bearryman, Elder;
Altcheson. Barlow, McCurley, Rowlands,
Wright (P.).

Exeter City:
Booth, Goddard, Davey:
Mitchell, Knight, Dailey. Black. McClelland.
Referee: J. Burgess, Reading.

Attendance: 5643

Neville Black, signed from Newcastle United three weeks ago, made his first Third Division appearance at Colchester to-day. He displaced Eddy Murphy as Exeter's inside-left, and another change in the visiting side was Fred Davey for Peter Fallon at left-half. Because of the cold wind only a small crowd saw the City lose the toss, but control the early ex changes. A corner was forced in the first minute, and Mitchell's accurate kick carried by the wind, swerved across the goalmouth. Close passing, in which half-backs and fonwards combined neatly, kept the City on the attack, and there was one early thrill when Black and Dailey brought Mitchell into action. Dailey's diagonal pass beat the oncoming Rookes, and Mitchell ran on to the ball swiftly. Cutting in the outside-right shot powerfully! with the left foot and his oblique drive passed inches over the goal. Making use of the wind, Colchester replied with attacks on both wings but Kelly dealt safely with several long shots. Then the City came back to force another unproductive corner.

Wrong Way
So strong was the wind that an attempted first-time clearance from Doyle took a direction opposite to that intended. The ball gathered momentum and went into the penalty area, where Kelly advanced  to gather and clear. A long shot from Elder represented Colchester's best effort so far. He drove first-time from 25 yards and the ball rose a fraction over the crossbar. Within a minute the home goal was in grave peril. Exeter advanced on the left and McClelland beat Harrison only to shoot into the side netting from close in. Both sides made excusable errors, the ball playing all kinds of tricks.Passes went astray constantly.

Defensive Errors.

The opening goal in the 18th minute came from Colchester, and was the outcome of a cross pass which found Barlow in an marked position. With the City's defence wide open. BARLOW raced ahead and easily beat Kelly with a low close-range shot into the far corner.

After Exeter had had a goal disallowed for offside, Colchester raided again, and some hesitaney on the right defensive flank proved fatal. Booth left the ball to Walton, but ROWLANDS nipped in first. He darted between the two City players and gave Kelly no chance with a shot past the advancing goalkeeper. These quick goals gave Colchester a strong position, and the home side dictated the game now. A shot from Elder rebounded from the goal, and then was cleared from the goalline. The City were kept on the defensive, and with Kelly drawn out of his goal Goddard leaped and handled the ball, which would otherwise have gone into the net. It was a glaring penalty, and ELDER made Colchester's tally three from the spot-kick. The wind was the controlling tactor in this match, and Colchester made full use of it.

When the game was resumed the City were instantly on the attack, and McClelland was only just off the target with a slantwise header It was Colchester's turn to battle against the elements now, and the crowd roared when George Wright's goal kick took a reverse direction and curled behind for a corner. This nag kick was cleared and so was a second forced by Exéter a minute later.
Mitchell Unlucky
A long shot from Black was charged down, and Mitchell, following up, had the cruellest of luck in not scoring. He drove first-time, and i the ball Hashed inches over, with Wright beaten, From a free kick, Colchester's Barlow tested Kelly with a header. This incursion proved but a brief check to the superiority of the City and Wright was often in action. A succession, of corners came Exeter's way, but Wright was in magnificent form Twice be saved against odds to defy the City's all out bids, Then he delt with long range shots from Booth and Dailey and McClelland. Colchester's defence was fighting stubbornly, and the City with all their pressure, could not find a way through the barrier. Indeed, it was Colchester who came nearest to scoring in the next phase of the struggle. A fast break away on the left had the Exeter defence worried, until Davey doubled across to kick the ball behind when McCurley was shaping to shoot. At the other end, Dalley beat Wright in the race for possession and turned the ball across the face of the goal, but no other City forward was up. Exeter's attacks continued to break down at the vital moment, and Mitchell was the only forward to pack a shot of note. Indeed, it was right-back WALTON who finally set the example, He received from Booth's throw-in and beat Wright with an oblique shot which salled into the roof of the net as the goalkeeper came out,

A fine kick from McClelland was grandly saved by Wright, and at the other end McCurley blazed over with only Kelly to beat:


In a game spelt by the wind, Colchester built up a winning lead in the first half Exeter were in command after the Interval, but lacked thrust in attack.

Southern League.

City Reserves 2 Kidderminster Harriers 0

at Exeter.

Singleton; Anderson, Rowe; Harvey, Wood, Marsh; Digby, Bolt, Rose, Murphy, Howells.

Exeter City Rose, Murphy.


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