Match 02
22nd August .1953
Walsall (a)



Having  plenty of spirit and some really good football Walsall were unlucky to lose a point to Exeler City at Fellows Park. Jack Scarlett, a young inside forward from Wolverhampton, gave then the lead and it was two minutes from the end that centre half Roy Goddard, a one-time Buckley boy, headed the equaliser. It was his first League goal at that.

Walsall.  Holding. Green: Dean, Bridgett Woodward: Morris, T. Bromley. Horne. Scarlett. Grubb.
Exeter City-Kelly: Walton, Douglass; McLean. Goddard, Dodgin; Priestley. Samuels, Mitchells. Knight Parker

Referee: E S. Vickery, Bristol.

By beating player-manager Norman Dodgin with the toss. Horne gave Walsall first advantage of the breeze, such as it was. There was little real combination or definite threat from either side in the early stages. Arnold Mitchell, leading the attack in place of Jim Dailey, the former Birmingham winger, was almost through from a shrewd move by Knight, A grand crossfield pass from Dean to Grubb might have been productive if the winger had centred correctly, Still the Scot was the means of making a good bit of trouble for the visiting defence. Horne did not seem at home in his new role. Nevertheless, he was enterprising enough. Kelly had no difficulty in holding a header from Horne but he was perhaps fortunate that Scarlett misdirected on receiv ing from Grubb right in front. Exeter moved better together when they replied to a series of attacks, and Dodgin following up his forwards, got in a magnifient left foot shot from 20 yards. Chilvers saved it brilliantly, and the 10 000 spectators gave him due acknowledgment.
The rest of the shooting, at least so far, was not of the best. Both Knight and Parker were well off the mark. Eddie Holding did some smart work in a defence that did not cover too well.

Exeter hard pressed
Grubb was inclined to fiddle on the Walsall left. He remedied that fault by changing places with Morris and the Grubb-Bromley combination brought about a marked improvement in Walsall's play. Exeter were really hard pressed for a time. Dean drove just over the top after a corner. Horne missed badly from 15 yards, when he sent wide with his left and another corner saw Kelly save splendidly from Morris. Exeter had a really lucky escape as the Saddlers althougn unable to control the ball effectively in the wind, continued their assault. Woodward had a go. His shot beat Kelly but it hit another defender almost under the bar. Half-time-
Walsall 0-0 Exeter City

Hard tackling by Roy Goddard formerly of Chelsea and Wolves caused the breakdown of raids at the start of the second half. Both Bromley and Scarlett tried to use the ball properly and the former was particularly active The Saddlers were showing plenty of spirit. That applied as much to the defenders as to the attackers. In the meantime. were unable to make much use of the wind. It was a near thing for however when Samuels broke through to shoot just wide of the post. A free kick for some reason that was not clear to many gave relief to the crowd as the Saddlers seemed to have the goal at their mercy.  Thanks largely to the discretion of their wing half-backs, as were holding the initiative and raiding with such life and method that they had the City quite rattled for a spell Morris was bothering Walton. Grubb was doing ditto to Douglass. Horne had hard luck with a header, as Grubb centred, but in 63 minutes was got the lead they deserved. The successful movement was started by Morris on the left, carried to the extreme right, and back again to the middle. There SCARLETT hit the ball hard on the turn, and it was deflected by a defender on the way to the net. Exeter hit back at once. However their attacking, was poorly directed and the rearguard generally looked quite capable of keeping them out 

Bridgett gave Mitchell little chance, and Chilvers did not have much to do apart from diving to the left to take a sharp effort by Knight. That done the Saddlers were at it again in attack playing with confidence, and the visitors had one or two narrow escapes. Near the end Chilvers conceded a corner in making a fine save from Knight, and with nly two minutes to go GODDARD headed an equaliser from that corner.
Walsall 1-1 Exeter City 


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