Match 23
28 November 1953
Coventry City (a)

Southern League
Worcester City (h)

Forwards again below form: speedy Coventry 

(Nomad's match report)
Recalled to Exeter City's team at Coventry today. Ray Goddard was the outside-left replacement for Charlie McClelland, who was troubled with a groin injury in the cup replay at Hereford. Dick Walton returned to the defence and partnered Jim Storey at full back, Stan Rowe being omitted. These were the extent of the changes in the Exeter team.

Like Exeter, Coventry suffered an early Cup exit. Dropped from the team which lost by five goals to one at Brighton. Waldock was passed over in favour of Bradbury

The Line-up's

Coventry City: Taylor; Jones, Kirk; Jamieson. McDonnell, Austin: Nutt, Dorman, Brown. Bradbury, Johnson.

Exeter City: Kelly: Walton, Storey: Booth. Davey. Dodgin; Dailey, Samuels, Donaldson, Mackay, Goddard.

Referee: G. Sawyer Weston super-Mare.

The game began sensationally. Fifty seconds after the kick-off Coventry were in the lead, and BRADBURY was the scorer. The white ball was passed accurately by Brown to Nutt, and although Storey partially checked the winger, the ball remained in play. Throwing-in a second time. Nutt crossed a perfect centre and Bradbury was there to head hard past Kelly

Bradbury had all the time imaginable. and the ball sailed past Kelly hit the iron bar at the back of the net, and cannoned back into the goalkeeper's arms. Good Exeter efforts fully extended the home defence. A strong shot from Donaldson was parried by Taylor and the goalkeeper again distinguished himself by pulling down a dangerous centre from Dailey. In these early moments the foot ball was fast, and first one goal and then the other was in peril.
Danger flank
Coventry's chief threats came from the right. Twice the speedy Nutt outpaced Storey and shot-each time a fraction over the crossbar. Then Dorman followed suit and had a terrific cross shot brilliantly deflected by Kelly, for a corner which brought the home side no profit. Exeter were not so quick on the ball now, and Coventry gave signs of strengthening their grip on the game. Yet, after withstanding much pres sure, Exeter broke away to go near to scoring an equalising goal. Goddard got past Jones and transferred squarely to Mackay. whose ten-yard shot, fast, rising and on the target was grandly saved by Taylor. Within a minute a strong Coventry reprisal had been repulsed and Exeter had launched another raid which came within an ace of success. The visiting side advanced in mass formation with Dodgin well up in support of his forwards. In fact, the chance eventually fell to Dodgin. who ran on to the ball and shot against Taylor's knees. A fraction either way must have done the ttrick. But Exeter could not complain Coventry, too. had a narrow escape when Dorman cut through the middle and shot outside with only Kelly to beat

Near things
Davey was holding Brown in check. Several times he dispossessed the Coventry leader before setting his own forwards in action. On the other hand, the Exeter full-backs were not holding the home wingers I was from Nutt in particular and Johnson to a slightly lesser degree that the greatest danger threatened. Corners were forced by Coventry, on both wings without result. A shot from Austin, from 25 yards out flashed over the crossbar, and another long-range drive from Johnson sped past the far post. Exeter's only reply for some time was a dropping shot from Dailev which missed the far angle. Next came a brave effort by Mackay, who was streaking down the middle when McDonnell dashed across and kicked clear in the nick of time. Davey kicked a centre away from goalmouth after the flying John on had left other defenders trailing.
Coventry 1-0 Exeter City 

Coventry's passing was precise on
the restart, and Storey Intercepted Brown's pass to avert danger. When the home side raided again, a free kick just outside the penalty area led to Nutt putting the ball over the crossbar. Inter-passing on the Exeter left ended in Goddard shooting a foot wide. Coventry's pressure brought Davey into the picture. Exeter's centre-half was playing at the top of his form against Brown, the fast Coventry spearhead.

Penalty denied

More scoring chances were coming the way of Coventry. and Brown chased out to the left-wing to bring grave danger to Exeter. Challenged by Walton, he flicked the ball inside. and Dorman crashed headlong as he was tackled.
Claims for a penalty were turned down but when Coventry were later awarded a free kick just outside the "box" Kirk shot fiercely over the crossbar. Much of the quality had gone from the play, and few constructive movements were seen from Exeter at this stage of the game Coventry were on top continuously.

Over the bar
Exeter's best chance of the match was to come. Goddard slipped the ball inside to Donaldson, who in turn passed to Samuels. The inside right dribbled to within a few yards of Taylor and then blazed the ball over the bar.
Attempting a first-time clearance. Walton almost turned into his own net a header from Johnson. The ball skidded from Walton's toe, but Kelly was alert and dropped instantly to save on the line. High-class goalkeeping continued to be an outstanding attribute of Kelly, who went on to make two saves which thrilled the crowd. The first was from Brown and the second from Nutt. Exeter seldom looked like saving the game, and three minutes from time Coventry made sure. BROWN scored their second goal after beating three men, driving into the net from an acute angle and close range.


Coventry deserved their success. They were more thrustful in attack and generally quicker on the ball. The great danger to Exeter came from the home right-wing, where the speedy Nutt often had the beating of Exeter's forwards were again standard. Goddard, on the left-wing although doing some useful things, was not speedy enough in his new position to be an outstanding success.

Attendance 10,224.

Southern League 

WORCESTER twice went close in the opening minutes against Exeter City Reserves at St. James's Park. But after only a minute Exeter broke through and scored, the first goal Worcester have conceded in three matches.
Mitchell put through a long pass to MURPHY on the edge of the penalty area, and the inside-left beat New man with a shot just inside upright. The 'keeper. made no attempt to save.

Perfect centre
Knight sent out to Priestley, who centred perfectly. Mitchell leapt and headed just outside. Worcester were by no means being outdone, and raids through the centre brought Exeter's defence into action. Exeter's attack, with Priestley moving well on the right, were an easy match for the visiting rear guard. Parker gained possession well out and had an easy run in, but shot wide. Caton broke through on Worcester's left, and his shot from the wing bounced off the crossbar out of play. McLean hammered in a close-range shot, but Godfrey got in the way. Godfrey had to clear off the goal line right away, and then Priestley sent just wide. Singleton came out to save from Frame, and at the other end New man just held a short drive from Mitchell.

Just got to the ball
Ware miskicked and Singleton just got to the ball before Kenyon. Worcester were more in the picture, but Exeter still had the edge on them. Frame went close with a shot near an upright, and Priestley had a long run towards the Worcester goal which ended in a corner. 
Wilcocks kicked just outside the Exeter. goal.


After seven minutes of the second half Worcester City equalised through a penalty. Lafferty, the visiting centre-forward, was fouled near the Exeter goal and FERRIS took the kick. He drove low into the corner of the net
Exeter struggled to regain the lead and Parker twice came close. Priest ley had a great chance but hesitated before shooting and gave the ball to 'keeper Newman. There was no further score. Result:


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