Match 00
Public Practices.
13.08.1921. & 20.08.1921.

Public Practices.

Big Crowd at Opening Game.
Saturday August 13th at St James's Park.
Red and White Stripes 3-3 Whites.
Attendance 3500.

The large crowd were keenly interested in an unusually spirited and attractive contest.

Red and White
Fryer. MacKechnie. Wilson. Mitton. Brown. Graham. Newman. Williams. Green (J). Hill. Congdon.

Referee: Mr A. Martin. 

Watson. Pollard. Gaskell. Rigby. Siddall. Green (A.V.). Edge. Crompton. Bullock. Vowles. Dockray. 

Bullock set the ball rolling, and although no goal was scored in the first period there were many concerted movements on both sides, and enthusiasm ran high.
Very soon after the change of ends Crompton beat Fryer by very neatly turning into the goal a pass from Edge. Congdon equalised with a swerving oblique shot that dropped in just under the bar.
The stripes took the lead through Jimmy Green, who drove the ball home when it re-bounded from Watson, who had come out two or three yards to stop a hard shot from Brown, and not many minutes later the Red and Whites' centre-forward (Jimmy Green) scored again, bustling the ball from Watson into the goal to make the score 3-1, but in the ensuing play clever footwork by Vowles created two splendid openings for Bullock, and the Whites' centre-forward, who excelled at shooting, scored from them both and so bought the goals level.

The game proved to be fast and at times very keen. Without in anyway overdoing it, the players, and especially certain of the forwards, showed a fine turn of speed, allied with skill and good ball control. Bullock has the "Goodwin" touch, with plenty of dash and deceptive swerve, and appears to have a strong shot in both feet.
Crompton showed that he has a tremendous lot of real football in him yet: that opening goal of his was quite artistic.

Pym at Bolton 
From accounts of the first practice of Bolton Wanderers, it is noted that Pym's display in goal delighted the spectators, and it was also remarked upon his goal-kicks invariably carried the ball beyond the half-way line. His team won by three goals to nil.

Final Practice.
Sparkling Football: Possibles and Probables.
Saturday August 20th.
Attendance 4000.
Stripes 1-3 Whites.

Sparkling football by both sides, and four goals scored, gave the crowd plenty to cheer about on the occasion of the Exeter City sports and football club's final practice match.

The Whites won by three goals  (Edge, J. Green and A. Green) to one (Bullock).

Watson. MacKechnie. Stewart. Mitton. Brown. Graham. Newman. Crompton. Bullock. Hill. Dockray.

Fryer. Gaskell. Pollard. Wilson. Siddall. Green (A.V.). Edge. Williams. Green (J). Vowles. Congdon.


PF from Alex Wilson research


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