Match 6
2nd September 1939
Port Vale (a)

Southern League
Hereford United Reserves (h)

Port Vale 0-1 Exeter City
September 2nd 1939

Quickness and Thrust Won the Match
Officials of the Football Association and Football League stated on Wednesday last that having no information to the contrary their programmes would be carried through today as arranged. So the Football League clubs carried on as usual, (the day after Germany invaded Poland) but it looked very much as if this afternoon would mark the last kick of a season of only one week's duration.

Exeter City had to make the long journey to Hanley, Stoke on Trent, to face Port Vale. 

Port Vale:
Jepson, Rowe, Cumberlidge, Hannah, Griffiths, Smith, Dickie, Sanderson, Roberts, Flatley, Bellis

Referee: Mr E.L. Davies of Bristol.

Exeter City: Thomson, Blood, Speed, Walker, Angus, Fellowes, Wardle, Riley, Bowl, Ebdon, Southerley.

The City took the lead five minutes before the interval. A strong attack on Exeter's left resulted in Bowl preventing the Port Vale defence the clearing, leaving Riley with a gilt-edged opening, which he was quick to seize.
Exeter were the quicker and more thrustful team and thoroughly deserved their victory.
Attendance 5102.

Full Time. Port Vale 0-1 Exeter City.

Reserve Match
St James's Park 
Exeter City Reserves 0-0 Hereford United.

Less than a thousand spectators were present at St James's Park to see the start of the Southern League match between Exeter Reserves and Hereford.

Exeter City:-
Blore. Smith. Little. Cutting. Halliday. Shadwell. Windle Gray. Crawshaw. Kemp (G). Hartill.

MacKenzie. Thorpe. Miller. Hewitson. Robertson. Keen. Hodge. Holland. Grange. Blair. Almond.


Paul Farley



Ian Clarke

The reference to Handley, Stoke-on-Trent is Hanley, one of the 6 towns that make up the city. The crowd for this game was 5,102. After the war when the fixture list for 1939-40 was used for the 1946-47 season the same fixture on 7 September 1946 pulled in 14,490! This time Exeter won 2-1.