Exeter City Past v Plymouth Argyle Past

Exeter City Past 7-1 Plymouth Argyle Past.
30th August 1939

Arranged by Exeter City Supporters' Club

Argyle Easily Beaten at Exeter

Time marches on, but memories remain. The meeting on Wednesday evening, of past professionals of Exeter City and the Argyle, at St James's Park, recalled many a stirring contest between these Devon rivals in bygone days.
The match was arranged by the Exeter City Supporters' Club committee.

Exeter City Past:-
Pym. Newman. Miller. Wood. Ditchburn. Pollard. Willey. Evans. Blackmore. Doncaster. Martin.

Plymouth Argyle Past:-
Stanbury. Ryan. Stevens. Bradon. Barby. Blacker. McClisky. Short. Petherick. Channon. Westcott.

The ex-Argyle side was hardly representative, and the City,,whose team included many old favourites  in Dick Pym, Jock Ditchburn. Charlie Miller. Arthur Doncaster. Harold Blackmore. Bob Pollard and Fred Newman, won an easy victory by seven goals to one.

Ditchburn the Best.
In the Exeter team Dick Pym gave glimpses of his former skill. He showed that his hands are as safe as ever, and there is no waning off the old time anticipation. Charlie Miler demonstrated that he has not forgotten the finer points of postional play. In the half-back line Jock Ditchburn stood out, and he was the best player on the field. He controlled the ball well, served out his passes with discretion, and the defence was sound.

Blackmore's shooting was almost as fiery as it ever was, and some of his shots, three of which were scored, were real "teasers." Arthur Doncaster indulged in a lot of fancy dribbling, and his tricking of the visitors' defence was a source of considerable amusement to the crowd. Willey and Martin 3, were the City's other scorers, and Channon, who was easily the best of the Plymouth forwards, netted their only goal.


Paul Farley



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